A Sailor, Indeed
by Niemau (Matthew)

Having been the third time getting to see Morrissey perform and the first two, unable to get the opportunity to touch him, I was slightly pessimistic, though determined, to get a hold of his hand. I had written him a letter, as I always do to toss onstage. I was amazed that I made it to the front so soon in the show.

Countless times, I waved the envelope to Morrissey, him teasing me - as if he were going to grab it - and walking away... Eventually, he put his hand just far enough out for me to set it underneath his fingers. I closed them around the envelope and held on for a few seconds while he sang into my eyes. when he let go, I cried... I finally had touched Morrissey.

Anyhow, he sang quite a few more songs and eventually left, returned for the encore in sailor garb. I nearly fell over (and might have, if there had been room) ...in my letter I wrote of how dreary my life had become since I moved from Chicago to Tempe two months ago... how I missed my only true friend back in Illinois... how my 1999 had been completely terrorizing me ever since I was discharged from the Navy last December...