Observations Re: Moz
by Zeke

Will give the list a few observations on the Club Rio show:

1. I thought Moz and the band showed a bit of "road rust" at first. However, by the third or fourth song, Moz and Co. were in the zone. At that point I thought Moz was playing as good if not better than I have ever seen him.

2. Some songs are much better live than on record. For example, I hate "Meat is Murder" and "Teachers". However, when played live, these songs are probably the best song Moz has ever played. During "Meat" Morrissey sang with such emotion, anger and aggression, it was powerful. Boz also went off during this song. It was a true show stopper, an anthem!!! "Teachers" is played similar live. Much harder and more aggressive live. I wish these songs were captured this way on record.... anyway, just my opinion. I think it is cool to hear them that way live.

3. Other show stoppers included "Break Up The Family", which was played to perfection. This was late in the show and Moz's voice was full throttle.

4. The lighting sucked. I chose to hang back at this show. Last time I was at the Tucson show, it was an unwanted game of grab ass. I was not up for another round (sorry Tucson). However, the lighting was so weak at times you couldn't see Morrissey or the band.

That is about it for now. It was a fabulous show. Morrissey, thank you for playing Arizona!!! Keep up the good work.