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Santa Barbara, CA (Oct. 6, 1999)

Re: here's my review

Posted By: blah
Date: Friday, Oct. 8 1999, at 8:31 a.m.

In Response To: Re: here's my review (Rosencrantz31)

> Egad. If you don't like El Vez then I don't know how seriously I
> can take your whiny review.

El Vez put on a very good show, I think. I mean his songs were a little on the silly side, but I can forgive him for that. Although I think I could have done without the Elvettes or whatever they were.
I was very disappointed in the Moz show, not because of Morrissey or the band but because of the people attending the show. Not only did I have absolute rotten seats (row GG) but the couple in front of me made me want to regurgitate. They made out through the whole set, the girl was obviously on X or something cause she would not stop rubbing herself all over the guy and she had this really retarded come hither look on her ratty face, I mean why waste money on seats for a Moz show if you just want to f*uck somebody? Pardon my french.

Then, about two rows up there were these girls who stood on their chairs bouncing up and down all over the place blocking MY view and the poor souls behind me which annoyed me to no end cause I could not see Moz at all. I was happy to see them overly enthused but I could have done without the bopping heads.

Before the show began I suppose I was already annoyed because after sticking my digital video camera in a very uncomfortable place I realised I had left the 30 minute cassette in so I knew I wouldn't be able to get the whole show on tape. I did film for a bit until my battery pulled a flatliner on me.

The shows ending was truly upsetting. I can understand the need to want to be close to Morrissey but sheesh! When he gets tackled and falls to the ground, I'm pretty sure it hurts, you know? I really didn't see what happened as the stage was a mess after the last stage rush but the boys didn't seem too happy as they were walking off the stage. I hope the stage rushers realise how badly they messed things up for the rest of the fans and ultimately you are the reason why Moz and co left, had you not been so brilliant to rush the stage you might have heard one more song ( Roy's Keen?)

The Tempe show was far more amazing than the SB gig. The venue was great, the view was excellent Moz was in great spirits and the band played so incredibly well. The best show yet.

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