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San Francisco, CA (Dec. 11, 1999)

I have to agree

Posted By: NobodysNothing
Date: Tuesday, Dec. 14 1999, at 1:26 a.m.

In Response To: moz boz spoz.... (raymond)

You know what you're right, I think that Morrissey does bring it upon himself (A lot of fans rushing the stage) and I think that Boz really didn't have that much reason to get mad (Boy he looked really pissed). Morrissey is great, I love his lyrics, but I do think that some people have him on too high a pedestal. I loved the show, Morrissey was great, I especially liked the changed lyrics (ie. in Is it really so strange he said "you say yes, I say no, and I WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND! and in hairdresser "Stoned alone in sloan square") I also liked that he was very chatty. (His comment at the end "My ass is leaving town in ten minutes, so be on it" cracked me up) What else did he say? Oh I remeber him saying "Gracias" after one song and then following with "I have to learn another word" (meaning another word in Spanish), and at the end of the last song before the encore "Vaya con dios" (go with god). I remember he also said a whole bunch of other things. Oh I remember at one point he told the crowd, or someone in the crowd "Oh Shut Up" and when someone wouldn't quite make it on stage he would say "You lose." He was very nice to the crowd I think. On the other hand I think that the crowd was quite rude, pushing (I'm used to a little pushing and shoving but at this show it was ridiculous towards the front), Body surfing (there were so many people doing this, it must've been annoying for those at the front). Other than that it was a great show. We love you Morrissey!!!! (but not in the way our mom's like oprah. :-)

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