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San Diego, CA (Dec. 14, 1999)

Last Night I Felt How Morrissey Loves Me

Posted By: Mateo Rafael Tablado <[email protected]>
Date: Sunday, Dec. 19 1999, at 2:08 a.m.

15 December 1999

It's 1 A.M. here in the pacific coast, I just arrived to Tijuana from
Morrissey's show at the Cox Arena in San Diego State University. I hadn't seen Morrissey live since Halloween 1992 at Del Mar (it is obvious, since Imoved to Mexico City in 1995 and -he said once in 1992- he will definetely never go to Mexico). But this last show has made up for all those years I've missed him; for not only he gave himself away onstage, but showered the night with a joy that was very
uncommon not so long ago. Including last night, I've only been to five Moz shows (San Diego May and November 1991, Halloween '92 and Hollywood Bowl 1992) but I could say that this one along with the one at Hollywood Bowl are the best two shows by Morrissey that I've witnessed.

He showed that he doesn't need to rely on old favorites to mantain an
interesting set, as we didn't hear songs like "Suedehead", "Everyday...", "...Playboys" and a long etc. He played for about one hour and a half and he pleased the audience with four Smiths classics like "Half A Person", "Is It Really So Strange?" and "Meat Is Murder" with eye-wetter encore "Last Night I Dreamt...". Other tunes included "Tomorrow", "...Someone On Your Side", "Speedway", "... Heart Is Full", "Boy Racer", "Reader Meets Author", "Swallow On My Neck", "Black Eyed Susan", "Hairdresser...", "Alma Matters",
"Sunny" (I think so), "The Teachers...", "November...", and I think that was about it.

The crowd was a nice accolade of white Americans as well as
Mexican-Americans and a few border crossers like me. If there was a low point by the crowd was of a few chicanos yelling "Mexico! Mexico!" between songs; I'm Mexican and quite proud of it and it was nice to see someone waving a Mexican flag right in front of the stage (that happened in Hollywood Bowl also), but I thing that yelling "Mexico! Mexico!" belongs in a football (soccer for some of you) field and not in any concert unless, of course, there is a fine Mexican band onstage (I said fine, unlike Mana, those clowns opening shows for Santana).

It was a great day for me because I arrived to Tijuana airport about eight hours before the show, and only three weeks ago I found out that Moz was playing San Diego. It is a great coincidence that I got here when he played here. On another high note, my mom (she's 51) came to the show because for years she has wished to experience live the reason that has driven her only son crazy and vegetarian and sensitive for the last ten years; Mrs. Bertha Tablado said she didn't understand any song, but she could feel the energy Moz was projecting towards his followers and also the love he gets back
from the audience, she managed to notice that Morrissey sang "la cancion de los animalitos" (the little animals' song, referring of course to "Meat Is Murder").

By the way, support band Sack manage to play some nice music (nothing extraordinary) but their lead singer lacks any form of charisma.

Stay charming...

Rafael Tablado

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