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San Diego, CA (Dec. 14, 1999)

Wow...I wasn't aware Morrissey's Banana was that big.(Set List)

Posted By: Javier Obregon
Date: Wednesday, Dec. 15 1999, at 9:53 a.m.

I agree a lot with the Sandy Gringo posting...but...the emotion of this show was far greater than any other I have seen. More than likely due to the incredible song selection. Sack, opened up the night and the crowd seemed to respond with appreciative applause...but as they played on...the crowd got a little more into their set. "What have the christians.." song is fantastic...reminding me of the now defunct Smoking Popes singing style and a beautiful background melody to accompany...take a gander at this one online somewhere.

My brother was fortunate to get a set list...so here it is..in order...

You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
Boy Racer
Alma Matters
Half A Person
November Spawned A Monster
Now My heart Is Full
Is It Really So Strange?
Hairdresser On Fire
The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils
Trouble Loves Me (Not Played)
He Drew A Swallow On My neck
Reader Meet Author
Break Up The Family
Meat Is Murder
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (Encore)

When Morrissey took the stage the fans errupted with a enthusiasm...but I was a bit surprised that this show was pretty laid back for the most part. The sound was horrid the first few songs...did them no justice at all...it was a bit irritating. The guitars overpowered everything except Morrissey's voice...which was a plus...but there was no bottom end whatsoever...the bass was too low and the drums might as well been set up outside the venue. They finally got the levels EQed just in time for Alma Matters...but before then it sounded like the concert was being performed in Mono-Sound instead of Stereo.

There was a lot of people able to embelish themselves with a quick romp on the stage with Morrissey...and Moz helped a great deal of people up...inviting the majority of people up, waving them towards himself. It seems as if He was very keen on the idea of people coming up on stage...saying something to the effect of "Fly to me..." to those struggling to avoid the grasps of the various security officers standing by the railing, just wanting to touch Morrissey. This may dispell some sentiments on how he feels about having people on stage. He did however back away from those that were overly-emphatic saying "Save me.." not wanting to be hurt or dragged down by them.

Boz experienced guitar problems on Teachers...which lead into the next song Trouble Loves Me. Before the song was to be played...Boz huddled with Morrissey and Gary...more than likely stating that he wasn't able to play acoustic guitar because of the problems he was encountering...and they went into Swallow instead.

I don't want to undermine this performance...and I don't want to anger any Spike fans...he's a good drummer and a nice guy...but the guy ain't no Spencer...not half as good. Spencer was an excellent drummer and after tonight I am convinced that Spencer needs to return...or Morrissey needs to find a better drummer. Harsh but honest...Spencer's rolls, drum fills, timing, energy, velocity, stamina, and stage presence is overwhelmingly lacking from Morrissey's band. The formula between Spencer and the guys in the band was fantastic...the used to play like clockwork...even though Spence did blow it a couple times. I can't imagine Spike ever being able to perform the equivalent drum solo before The Operation...and this unsettles me as Morrissey is about to lay out his new songs on wax. After this many shows with Spike...you'd expect the chemistry of the band to have situated...but there was an awkwardness between these guys tonight...although...I wouldn't be surprised if these guys just had a horrible mix on stage and couldn't hear one another...the sound guys "Tra-la-la-d" and took there precious time in fixing the obvious things needing to be fixed.

But all in all...this one of the most exciting Morrissey shows of all-time. It was indeed Beautiful (as someone in Fresno put it)...heart-felt and emotional. Morrissey, very comfortable at this show...as he walked out you could see the big Smirk on the guys face as he was engulfed by maddening cheers and screams of delight. The band played beautifully...and it was good to hear Gary Day on bass again...sounded great. Spike did sound execptional on all The Smith's tunes they played. A super charged rendition of Meat Is Murder...especially towards the end of the song...so shockingly aggressive and captivating. But again, don't let the criticisms fool you...if you weren't in San Diego (or Sandy Gringo...as Moz put it) you missed a magnificent show, and you should weep bitterly because you weren't here.

See you all at The House Of Blues...last day of the tour. :)

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