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Salisbury, UK (Nov. 22, 1999)

Review of Salisbury Gig

Posted By: James Harris <[email protected]>
Date: Tuesday, Nov. 23 1999, at 12:14 p.m.

Considering the only other gig I had been to on the tour was at Swansea, I was totally astounded by the reaction of the audience at Salisbury. It was just so much better in every way. I was queing from about 3.30 pm and as I slowly developed frostbite on my toes, we got let in and grabbed a decent place on the front row. Morrissey seemed to put a hell of alot more energy into tonights performance, and the audience were alot more agreeable than Swansea. 'Meat is Murder' is always a classic but last night it was simply breathtaking and moved me to tears. I was the first to get up and hug Moz during 'Billy Budd' and the total A-Hole security were not going to let me back in because 'I shouldnt have jumped the barrier'. So I then had to wait in the foyer for 20 minutes while they got the manager. What annoys me was that the security at the front were extremely cool, for once, and gave me a push up to the stage. The manager let me back in after a while, but I don't imagine Salisbury City Hall usually has gigs with such passionate fans, so I sort of understand what they were on about.

It was the same setlist as the rest of the tour, but was still breathtaking and It will be well worth travelling to Aylesbury to see him there.

Sack have actually grown on me now, and I would pay cash for the song that goes: 'I spent this evening watching you leaving....'

And I would appreciate it if the guys in the queue got in touch,especially the Moz-a-Like with the california sports top on or something.........(blue, white writing, light blue eys)

please get in touch

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