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Oporto, Portugal (Oct. 29, 1999)

A Truly Love Story/Uma Verdadeira História de Amor

Posted By: Pedro Gaspar <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, Dec. 16 1999, at 10:44 p.m.

This story has his end in Oporto Coliseum,29th October,1999.His beginning is reported to one lazy afternoon during the year of 1986.
When i´ve listened for the first time that incredible voice singing "Sweetness,Sweetness,i was only joking when i said i´d like to smash every tooth in your head..."

At the beginning,i didn´t understand well,that guy with that incredible sixties look.

Then,i started listen those lyrics more carefully,and i understood,that they were so close to me,even years later,when some Moz lyrics became true to me,somethings that he wrote so well in the songs happened to me.I think they usually happens to everyone.

So i could standing one afternoon,hearing Smiths albuns many times,and the same album,three or four times followed.

I still remember when i started,to buy all the vynil records,when i The Smiths broke up,what a sad surprise was on that time,1987.When i´ve founded their first album,and first compilation after looking for them one entirely afternoon in Oporto downtown.That shop still exists,it´s opposite Aviz coffee.Now has got books and CD´s.

And the appearing of Morrissey´s first solo album "Viva Hate",the Suedehead video,so sad,so lonely,so melancholic alone in the James Dean grave during the winter.I remembered that during those days i went to one cemetery here in Oporto with a friend of mine,with the purpose of taking some photos similar to Suedehead video.

And the day that i´ve decided to dress like Moz,and wear my hair like Moz,and the troubles that idea brought me,and my parents saw me like that.

Even the day when i was one of the first in buying the "Rank" album.It was one of the first copies to arrive here in Oporto,directly from London.What proud i had on that day.It was a Saturday afternoon,the shop was Bimotor.

Then the years have passed so slowly,and then began the years of the worst nightmare in my life,with my admission in a private institution to study laws.Those days,made me learn many bad things of life,the way how people can be bad,jealous of us and left us behind with no regrets.And Morrissey,how your lyrics were true,how i was so close to you,you were so right from the beginning.Those first years were the ones of "Bona Drag" and "Kill Uncle".

Then,some years after,"the Vauxhall And I"album appeared when i was hearing other sounds,but never forgot Moz and his partners,including Johnny Marr works.I even saw him performing live here in Oporto side by side with Matt Johnson of The The.I was very surprised when Johnny became working with Bernard Sumner of Joy Division/New Order on Electronic project.

So we arrived at this point of the story to the year of 1999.One of my worst times of my life.I had to face many problems with my family,and others,and again Moz lyrics seemed so close to me.During this year,i´ve spend some time in England,and i´ve visited some of Moz important places,like his Teenager house,Kings Road,Stretford,and i´ve visited Coronation Street,the place of Salford Lads Club stands waiting quiet for MOz fans visits.

So,and in the end of October,Morrissey,alive and in good wealth,appea
red in this city of Portugal.What a great sensation when the lights turned off,the sound of the solo drum "The Operation"of "Southpaw Grammar"started,then the musicians appearing on the stage,and there was in the middle of them,my idol,the man who said so many things of my life even if he didn´t knew me."You´re Gonna Need Someone On My Side"was the first song,and that´s true,how many times i needed someone on my side and i didn´t have it,the only thing i´ve had was a great nightmare similar of the one of "Last Night I Dream That Somebody Loved Me".

Now,for ending this story,i have to say,that Morrissey and his partners were always with me in my good and bad times of my life,they gave me support when i need it,and Moz was everything i had and i didn´t have nothing.When i was alone.

I still remember that afternoon,when i was listening the radio:"...Sweetness,Sweetness,i was only joking..."



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