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Oporto, Portugal (Oct. 29, 1999)

Oporto Concert,29th October,1999

Posted By: Pedro Gaspar <[email protected]>
Date: Monday, July 31 2000, at 11:51 a.m.

Oporto Concert,29th October,1999

This concert started,at the right hour,mentioned in the ticket. I arrived one hour early at the Oporto Coliseum,and there were only few fans at the barriers,near the stage.

Only,10 minutes,before the appearing of the band,the place started to get full of people.The announced “huge crowd” was arriving.So,then,the lights turned off,and we’ve heard the sound of the “intro”called “The Operation” from the album “Southpaw Grammar”.Morrissey entered the stage with the band,and quickly they started the set,previously delimited with the song “You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side”.The Portuguese audience became really excited with Moz performance.It was his first gig in Portugal since the beguinning of his career.Even with The Smiths,he has never been played here.For me,who I´am a great fan since 1986,it was a great honour to see “The Man” alive performing in front of me.

The gig has continued and the songs too,”Boy Racer”,”Billy Budd”,”Reader Meets Author”,”Is It Really So Strange”,etc.In a certain moment,when Moz was singing one of this songs,a friend of mine who was recording the show in a record tape was adviced by the security men leader to turn off the recorder.My friend become a little bit frightened,he thought that the security man was going to take him the machine,but nothing happens.The security men were very nice,in a general way to all of the fans.

Then,more songs followed:”November Spawned A Monster”,”Roy´s Keen”,”Hairdresser On Fire”,”Lost”,”Trouble Loves Me”,”Now my Heart Is Full”,etc,and Morrissey begs appologize for the distance between the audience and himself,at the stage.At the front of the audience ,a little group of fans launched flowers to the top of the stage,and Moz seemed to be glad with that,after that,he comes down the stairs between the stage and the barriers,and let himself be grabbed by some fans.There are people crying,I suppose,the ones who grabbed him.
So,the show continued,and in another moment,Morrissey and the lads played “Meat Is Murder”,the room didn´t expect this song,it seemed like an explosion of shouts.After that,Moz left the stage,and some moments later a man appeared smoking at the top of Coliseum´s last tribune at the top of everything.Some people said that probably should be Moz,but since when he started to smoke?I thought to myself it was a mistake,and it really was,the man who was smoking wasn’t Morrissey.Instead,Moz entered slowly to the stage and said “Thank You!” and began singing “Last Night I Dream That Somebody Loved Me”,then he left the stage, not without saying previously goodbye,and none of us saw him more that night.The band remained at the stage finishing the song.After,the lights turn on “My Way” from Sinatra started.to be heard.The signal of the end of the show.

For me the show did not ended, I went to the artists’ for Moz and his crew to exit and waited more or less one hour for Moz and his crew .But several of the security men told me that Morrissey was very far from that place.We did not believed them,so after a long awaited time a small group of fans,almost fifteen people,decided to remain a lot of time,expecting Moz.

The band appeared without Morrissey who was in that time arriving the Hotel,on the other side of the city.So I saw the four musicians,and I became really nervous,I ran to them and ask for autographs and photos.

As you can see i was very happy with that.Gary was the first whom I met.I only had brought with me “The world Won´t Listen” and “Maladjusted”.english version covers,and he didn´t played in none of these.So I asked him for a photo instead.Later,I spoke with Alain,the moast reserved person of all of the musicians,but in the same way he signed my “Maladjusted” booklet and I said to him he was a very nice guy and a good musician.Of course he loved that,and then,we a take some photos,but before that,Spike appeared…The famous Spike!!!

The Man was drinking Portuguese Beer as you see in the photo,and ,by the way,he was enjoying the moment.As Moz said in the song “These Things Take Time”: “…all the alcoholic afternoons…”

I did not knew him,I thought he was a member of the crew,but not a musician.Not even a drummer.Personally I would prefer Spencer James Cobrin

Boz Boorer was the next musician whom I talked.He was really the moast nice guy of all them.We spoke about,their videos,projects and about that funny episode of the broken guitar on Moz video “Live In Dallas”.

When they left the building,all of us-the remaining fans-went to a vegetarian restaurant with the purpose of find Moz.But we din not have luck with that.
So,we met ourselves and took some photos together,and change contacts with the purpose of create,or organize one Morrissey/Smiths Party,which really ocurred last 3rd March here in Oporto / Portugal,but that is another story.

Pedro Gaspar ( mozportugal)



[email protected]

[email protected]


Set List:

You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side / The Boy Racer / Billy Budd / Reader Meet Author / Is It Really So Strange? / Hairdresser On Fire / Lost / November Spawned A Monster / Speedway / Roy's Keen / Break Up The Family / Trouble Loves Me / Now My Heart Is Full / Tomorrow / Meat Is Murder // Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

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