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Leipzig, Germany (Oct. 20, 1999)

Leipzig And I

Posted By: Jana <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, Oct. 21 1999, at 4:41 p.m.

This was my 2nd Morrissey-concert I ever attended (after Hamburg ‘97), and it was absolutely beautiful and amazing. I enjoyed this concert more than Hamburg. Why, I can’t really say. But let me tell you: This isn’t a dead star I saw at all!

First of all, the suport band, Sack, didn’t really convince me. To me they sounded like pre-“Everything Must Go’-Manic Street-Preachers. And the singer must be a pantomine in real life. So everything really began for me when Morrissey entered the stage after the „Operation“-Intro (played from tape).

When I saw him I had tears in my eyes. He wore a brown velvet (violet collar) jacket, brown trousers and the blue West Ham Boys Club-T-shirt Everything was well fitting (so were the rudiments of grey in his hair!). As I was so taken aback only from the sight of him I didn’t catch everything he said to the audience when arriving on stage. The only thing that stuck in my mind are the words „How am I?“

He began with „Your’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side“ and walked up to the front of the stage to shake hands, which he couldn’t have done to greater effect when the line „and here I am“ came up. People went crazy. Although I personally couldn’t touch his hands since I was in 3rd row, I was happy because I could see his face really near.

The crowd in the first rows really rocked when „Boyracer“ (incl. banana) came next, yet to my surprise I COULD defend my place. (I cound’t do so anymore when „November Spawned A Monster“ was being played later...) The band played an incredible version of „Meat is Murder“ to lights completely red. People shouted at Morrissey „We love you“ and he responded to it in his own way, asking: „How much?“ and „What would you do for me?“

As „November...“ began, all I could do was to let myself fall backwards into the crowd until I could breathe again. But it was still nice to see him from afar. After „Trouble Loves Me“ Morrissey got rid of his T-shirt and threw it into the crowd. With that he left the stage. As I expected „Last Night...“ now coming up as an encore, I took my way back to the front rows again and as Morrissey re-entered the stage, I indeed had a place with a wonderful view standing in 2nd row left side of the stage.

As it turned out it was the place to be! Not that Morrissey came back to us shaking hands, but it was the corner where some sort of stage invasions began, I believe, from two english or irish guys that I was standing beside at the beginning of the concert. One made it over the barricade but got caught by the bodyguards. Morrissey, watching the action, smiled and said audibly (and visibly) from the bottom of his heart „Thank you!“ and at least grabbed the hand of the guy. Since the security was so busy in our corner, others now tried to do the same on their sides (despite being not a bit more successful). I think, many people would have made it, had Morrissey played only one more song!

Before Morrissey had entered the stage for the encore he had given an unusual long speech in which he thanked all people who attended his concerts and assured that he won’t forget germany. He described us as having been „beautifully“.

(Note: I personally do understand now why Morrissey had had to cancel Dresden. – Having seen the pics of the venue on MorrisseyTour.com!)


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