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Las Vegas, NV (Dec. 19, 1999)

I met BOZ.

Posted By: Lazy Son
Date: Thursday, Dec. 23 1999, at 12:24 a.m.

After losing a numerous amount of hands in black jack and rolling those nasty sevens at the craps tables(as usual)I walked thru the Mandalay casino from the tables to the House of Blues. I figured I still had Morrissey and that it was all good. As I came around a row of slots, who was right there playing video poker? Boz Boorer. It was crazy. Without thinking I went right up to him and said hello (that was the only thing I could think to say in those split seconds, I am so very clever). I even called him Mr. Boorer (sounds funny). I always refer to him as Boz. Would I call Moz Mr. Morrissey? Probably not. Anyway I said hello and he gave me a "cheers" and a handshake. I'm pissed at myself because I should have thanked him for songs like I Can Have Both and Jack... but freakin' oh well. At least I got say hello. just thought i'd share the story. The show was good. I was surrounded by cool people, which is rare now a days at any Morrissey function, Moz was very vocal compared to other times I've seen him, multiple people got on stage. Great show I thought. The Monday show sounded as if it was really incredible. He never played Why Don't You Find Out... I've seen him 5 times and not once have I heard him play it. Why wouldn't he play such a great song? Anyway Tomorrow, November..., Speedway, & all the Smiths songs were brilliant.

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