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Koln, Germany (Oct. 13, 1999)

Moz in Köln

Posted By: Joe Sell & Ralf Winnen <[email protected]>
Date: Wednesday, Oct. 13 1999, at 10:13 p.m.

We (Ralf Winnen and Joe Sell) are just back from the Köln-Show.
Moz played just 70 minutes, 16 Songs, - no new ones, as usual :-(

You´re gonna need...
Boy Racer
Billy Budd
Reader meet author
Is it really so strange
November spawned a monster
Roy´s Keen
Meat is murder
Trouble loves me
Break up the family
Last night

El Mozza didn´t speak very much besides at the start
"Hello! We are the english pigs" and "Do you want to go home"
(no! from the audience) "Why" (because we love you) and "Thank you, I love you" by leaving the stage at the encore.
The atmosphere was great, the E-Werk was sold out (about 1500 people), the crowd did cheer "Moorrrissseyyy" to the "here we go" chant all the time and did sing "la,la,la,la" long after "Roy´s Keen" ended.
Morrissey was in a good spirit, doing the banana again during "Boy Racer", he was shaking hands very often and at the end of the gig he threw two blue
"West Ham Boys Club"- T-Shirts in the audience. The Band also seemed to enjoy the gig, especially Alain Whyte - who looked healthy again. He gave Ralf some thumbs up and smiled several
Highlights have been "Meat is murder", "Trouble" and "November".
"Break up the family" was fine too.
Low downs: Drummer Spike Smith has to learn the songs better,
"Speedway" for example was out of tune. Sadly, for the first half
of the show Morrissey´s microphone was not loud enough.
The security was very tight, several people tried to get on the
stage, but no one succeeded.
And concerning the support-band SACK, hm, the singer was
strange (behaving like a younger Joe Cocker on drugs) but funny
all the time and they were okay for a few songs.

More to hear from us tomorrow, from Hamburg.
Goodnight and thank you!

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