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Coachella Festival - Indio, CA (Oct. 9, 1999)

coachella performance.

Posted By: alli <[email protected]>
Date: Sunday, Oct. 10 1999, at 10:13 p.m.

well, it appears no one has yet reviewed the coachella show in depth, so i will attempt to do so.
this was my first moz show :) and i was very impressed. he was the showman everyone has described him to be and more! i was pleased to see that a LOT of the crowd was there to see him, everyone around me knew all the songs. the following is what i can remember.. there was probably more..
stage invasions: about four people made it up there, one had perfect timing just after he sang "oh hug me" during november. he paused to hug each one and then continued on with whatever song he was singing.
onstage banter: "are you having a good time?" (cheers from the crowd) "too BAD! .. not really"
"i can smell your sweat" (about halfway into the show, it was about 100 degrees out!)
he also said something about "Mehico" during the set.. i cant remember what..
lyric changes: "And when he said 'I'm gonna screw you,' I really felt happy for you" (hairdresser, i believe this was the lyric change where he laughed at himself afterwards) and "youre all too busy.. to KISS ME"
"You can slap me, and you can butt me, and you can dislocate my shoulder" (is it really so strange)
"To be Mexican would be a relief" (teachers)
i know there were more.. but i just cant remember them :(
it was also amusing when he pulled the front of his shirt over his face to sing "its under your nose, well you just cant see it, can you?" during roy's keen. hecompletely took off his shirt for the last two songs. quite an impressive body he has there ;)
all in all a great performance. i would say that meat is murder and november were the highlights.. he and the band were very into those two.
i guess that's about it. i felt that the festival was very well put together. a great day.
after vegas being cancelled i was glad to be able to make it to coachella.. the performance exceeded all my expectations of morrissey. words cannot describe how satisfied i feel having finally seen him! well.. maybe some of his own- "now my heart is full." :D

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