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Hollywood, CA (Dec. 16, 1999)

Moz is in the details...

Posted By: Carlos <[email protected]>
Date: Saturday, Dec. 18 1999, at 6:16 p.m.

Well, I traveled from Houston to see this show and I'm happy to report that it was by far worth it...

Most impressive was Morrissey's grand entrance. I'm usually quite critical, so I feel that I'm not biased in saying that I have never in
my life seen Morrissey exude so much power and presence as he did at that show. He made an entrance like a true king, or perhaps
more like a lion... with slow, calculated movements during "Your gonna need..." practically prowling around the stage... well aware of
the audience's love and adoration. He seemed to feed on it... And in the black PVC suit, he seemed to adopt a whole new persona...
ultra-confident, overflowing with pride and sensuality. This is literally MILES away from the performer we remember from Smiths
and early Morrissey solo gigs...

The band was MUCH improved as well, to sat the least. Watch and listen to the "Live in Dallas" video and notice how incredibly
weak the songs sound... the players seemed to never get them right. But now, the songs sound as great as they deserve to... much
better and more powerful than on the records. My only complaint is that Morrissey's voice could have been accentuated more... as
some people may have had trouble understanding the lyrics.

Some highlights were "Now My Heart is Full", "Tomorrow" and surprisingly "Meat is Murder". The former has never been a
favorite of mine... but live it had alot more impact and emotion... with Morrissey emphasizing words like "it is MURDER" which had
a really chilling effect on the audience, or me at least.


Here is some of the Morrissey patter that punctuated the songs...

My name is Oscar de la Mozza... welcome to Moz Angeles!

Thank you for being so BOYsterous & GIRLsterous... It warms my heart.

About what I'm wearing, I just wanted to say... that the only animal in this suit... will be me... wandering the streets of LA at night,
howling at the moon... searching for love... [after The Boy Racer, while still wearing black the faux leather suit... - my favorite

I saw you look at your watch... that's not fair... [to an audience member]

I have a very good friend in Crystal Lake who really likes this song, so this next song is for a really good friend in Crystal Lake. ...
and for you too. [before November Spawned a Monster]

This song is for the people standing in the back... [...of the theater- before Half a Person]

So the rule is... whoever gets the shirt gets me. [after throwing one of his numerous t-shirts into the audience]

You see, I can save everybody. ...except myself... [after bringing an ecstatic fan onstage]

What do you mean, "We can have both"? What does it mean? ... you see, I'm from England and I'm very stupid... [commenting on a
banner hanging from the balcony that read "WE can have both"]

So the moral of the story is: If anyone tries to tempt you to go to Burger King, JUST SAT NO! [after what song, do you think?!]

So the next time that you kick a sailor, be careful... because that sailor could be me. [before the encore, dressed in a black US Navy

I love you, i love you, goodnight... ... I love Mexico!


Here are some lyric changes that I remember...

"I lost my RING in Newport Pagnell..."

"... i found a MODEST house and I can't help the way I feel..."

"Reader, YOU MADE IT" [during Reader Meet Author just as a female fan was about to make it to Moz, but didn't...]

"Was the client... over cautious... he made you nervous... and when he said I'M GONNA SCREW YOU, OH I REALLY FELT

"You are DEPRESSED, but you're remarkably dressed, AND THAT'S ALL YOU REALLY NEED..."

"Tell all of my friends... I DO HAVE TOO MANY" [Now My Heart is Full]"

[then later] "...every jammy LA poet"

"Do you CARE how animals die?"

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