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Hollywood, CA (Dec. 16, 1999)

Older and wiser [...] applies to me

Posted By: Gustavo <[email protected]>
Date: Friday, Dec. 17 1999, at 5:18 p.m.

This was the fourth time I have seen M. I decided that since IÕm older now, IÕd look kind of pathetic trying to get on stage at my age. So for the first time I didnÕt get to the first row row, and I guess it was a good choice. People were fleeing that section in horror. I must have seen about four people being literally HAULED TO THE BACK OF THE ROOM by their friends. Not that M. minded. He thanked the rowdy ones. "Thank you for your boisterousness and girlsterousness (sic). It warms my heart," he said. On a handful of occasions he pulled fans on stage. "IÕve got to save everybody... Except myself."
He looked incredibly handsome in his PVC suit. "YouÕre remarkably dressed... And thatÕs all you need," he sang during Hairdresser on fire. When he wore those lamŽ shirts in the Your Arsenal tour it seemed droll, ironic. This time he looked sexy. ThereÕs no other word. I wish heÕd kept it, but he was sweating like a madmanÑoccasionally throwing his sweaty kerchiefs to the crowd. He changed after about five songs. In total there were about five wardrobe changes. Clothes mean a lot to him apparently.
My favorite moments were mostly the newer songs: Swallow on my neck, Lost, Teachers... I donÕt know if it was the band playing with more heart or what. They excited me more. Of the older songs, Speedway, Someone on your side, Tomorrow, Reader meet author, Boy racer were all right. I didnÕt sense any real emotion. Hairdresser and Family were frankly tedious. However, itÕs true what they say about Now my heart is full. It is anthemic. About the Smiths songs... Only Meat is murder was sung with any emotion (at least thatÕs how I perceived it), and thus it gave me goose bumps. Other people were visibly shaken. However, the other Smiths songs were mauled by both the band and the singer.
About the crowd... I donÕt know what people are thinking when they make a big deal out of the fact that heÕs popular with Mexican Americans. I mean, Los Angeles is that kind of town. His Los Angeles fans are only as diverse as the population itself. I did see many Mexican Americans, but also some rockabilly types, alternative types, pseudo club kids, fraternity types, gay muscle boy types, but mostly just boring average types (like myself)... Mexican Americans were included in all of the above types. WeÕre not just cholos, you know? Oh, and I saw lots of people on their own.
In sum, I think I have grown up. I can now actually see good and bad things in an M show. They used to be nothing but pure unadulterated joy. "... and IÕm not happy and IÕm not sad..."

ps I love my pillow case!

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