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Hollywood, CA (Dec. 15, 1999)

enough with the rebel bruising

Posted By: decembers monster with high hair <[email protected]>
Date: Friday, Dec. 31 1999, at 8:51 a.m.

Unfortunately i was not able to go to the LA show, but i did see him kick off the second leg of his US tour in San Francisco. I came to this site to see what everyone had to say about the incidents, and occurrrences at the recent concerts. What i found was an unending barrage of attacks on individuals that dress a certain way, of which i am one. But there is a definite distinction to be drawn, i am a true morrissey(he hates to be called moz) fan, where as those other guys[literal hooligans], dressed as rebels probably were not. If they knew anything about Morrissey the last thing they would be doing is fighting. I must also add that the mode of dress does not designate someone more or less of a Morrissey fan, as i stated i am a rebel, the way i dress and the way i live are an tangible example of this,---- even a sexual rebel to many(I like boys). And i realize that the height of my pompadour does not measure my Morrissey loyalty, so please do not generalize and start bashing rebels left and right! What happened at the concert were isoated events to be blamed on hooligans, not on rebels! If someone wearing a simple "Smiths" t-shirt incited the fight would we say, "those damn old school bastards", no we would just say that because of a few stupid people some audience members were unable to enjoy the show and appreciate the Wildean and warm wit and grace of a person of Morrisey's stature! To reiterate, dont blame all Rebels, blame the few unknowing wannabe Morrissey fans dressed as rebels that @#!!!ed it up!

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