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Hollywood, CA (Dec. 15, 1999)

Morrissey is a leather boy

Posted By: balcony fool
Date: Thursday, Dec. 16 1999, at 10:05 p.m.

Hola! The Palladium show on Wednesday was incredible! As much energy and passion in the beginning as Tempe, although LA had lots of clueless folks who don't follow Morrissey very closely.

Morrissey came out wearing a black "leather" outfit! He looked like Elvis as a young stud. It looks like Alain's costume from the More You Ignore video. I thought I was on droogs. He said it was pvc in case anyone was from PETA. He said that apart from himself, the only animal that his outfit comes in contact with is hopefully US!

Then he changed into his usual costume after a few songs. He must've been sweating up a storm in that tight black pvc.

He led th'Lads in a chant before starting his singing: "LOST ANGELES, LOST ANGELES, LOST ANGELES..." and got us to clap along with him. Th'Lads were in matching suits with those short split ties. I don't know if they were trying to look like Colonel Tom Parker (Elvis' manager) or Col. Sanders or some mariachi band. Whatever.

Great show. The crowd was violent and surly as usual for SoCal. I was even injured even though I stayed in the balcony. During the show serious fist fights broke out. After the houselights went up I descended the stairs. Then all of a sudden some guys got into another fight at the base of the stairs. They ran into me and pushed me down the stairs. My left ankle/instep is bruised and hurt. Hooligans they are, but sweet and tender they are not. I'm out to buy some kneepads and a helmet for the balcony again.

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