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Dublin, Ireland (Dec. 2, 1999)

heros homecoming

Posted By: podge <[email protected]>
Date: Friday, Dec. 3 1999, at 2:31 p.m.

Morrissey once said that "Irish Defiance" was the strongest trait he inherited from his parents and last night in a completely packed Olympia he defied all the critics, all the DJs and his status as an insigned artist to play one of the shows of the year.There was something in the build up to this, with the change of venue and cancellation of the wednesday show that suggested this was going to be special and so it proved.Launching into "You're gonna need..." with venom, the home crowd sang every word. He broke down laughing during "Boy Racer" as he produced a bannana to wave around his crotch as he sang "he thinks he's got the whole world in his hands stood at the urinal". "Meat is Murder" and "Is it Really so Strange" recieved the expected thunderous reception from a crowd that varied in all shapes, sizes, age and hair-cuts.Donning the sexy black Republic of Ireland away football shirt, his tribute to Roy Keane followed as he changed the words in "Roys Keen" to "keener midfielder". Nice to see Irelands greatest singer paying tribute to Irelands greatest footballer even if he is only having a laugh. "Billy Budd" and "Hairdresser on Fire" kept the adrenalin pumping and Moz seemed suitably impressed with 1500 crowd singing "Now my heart is full" note for note and word for word. The lighting dimmed for "Trouble Loves Me" and the silhouette(?) of Moz against the burgandy backdrop crooning "so concole me, otherwise hold me" brought on the goose-pimples.The biggest dissapointment of the night was the veritable moate around the front of the stage.It was about 8 feet to the front of the stage and another 8 foot climb if you managed to get into the moate.This moate was patrolled by several bouncers from the planet bastard.How one guy made it to the stage was a minor miracle but after a hug for Moz he was dragged away.Other potential stage invaders were caught in the moate or simply dragged away if they looked like approaching the stage.The finest effort came during "Last Night..." when one fella jumped from the side balcony on to one of the big amps and down onto the stage but he was also dragged away by the Olympia SS before making comtact.Moz himself was not impressed with the distance from stage to fans and apologised at the outset.Having these clueless apes behaving as if the were quelling a Celtic-Rangers riot was a dissapointment.Morrissey was quite chatty throughout with a string of one-liners to put down himself and the crowd.The crowning glory came when he strutted out for the encore of "Last Night...". Grabbing the mike stand he announced "If anyone is interested , I'm free for sex tonight - in fact I'm desperate". At the end Morrissey thanked us and we roared our appreciation as he left Boz Boorer and co to see us out into the cold and rainy Dublin night. By the way support act Sack were also superb. "Angel" "Get Up" and especially "laughter lines" are great songs. If you're going to the US gigs be sure to catch them.All in all, a great show.(Yeah Rosie, a great show.Find out who Roy Keane is OK?)

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