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Copenhagen, Denmark (Oct. 24, 1999)

Great Show, Dull Crowd...

Posted By: Thomas Bjerre <[email protected]>
Date: Friday, Oct. 29 1999, at 9:39 a.m.

Well, he finally returned to Denmark after a 2 year absence. So of course I was ready, quiff and flowers, but unfortunately I only got a place in the second row, a bit left from the center of the stage. Anyway, it was a nice spot. Sack were OK, but they seemed so wrong on stage. Nice music, though... Around 9.20 pm, the drum-solo began and the crowd finally began pickin up on the classic Morrissey chant. And all of a sudden... there he was! A rain of showers greeted him - more than last time in Vega. I must admit, he looked better than ever, comfortable and happy, and still the awkward poseur. The set was brilliant, Moz kept shaking hands (I almost touched him, dammit! - had I only been in the front row!), whipping the cord, and posing for the crowd. However, I felt that the crowd energy from the Vega concert lacked. In Vega I felt like a part of an integrated whole, a part of the crowd, this time it was only 1600 individuals. Unfortunately the sound was slightly terrible, no fault of the band though. The Grey Hall is not an ideal place for a concert like this, and both the music and Moz's voice was muffled. However, it didn't really matter as everyone in the front rows were singing along very loudly! Some of my personal highligts included "Speedway", "Trouble Loves Me", "Now My Heart Is Full", and the brilliant performance of "Meat Is Murder". That one song was just a beautiful, emotional moment, with Morrissey almost growling "murder" amidst a dazzling shower of red lights, before throwing his shirt to the crowd and "collapsing" on the floor. For a non-vegetarian like me, it was very powerful.
When he came on for the encore I was determined to make it onto the stage. I helped the guy in front of me over the barrier, and he made it halfway there, holding on to Moz as he was being dragged away. Then I helped the girl in front of me up, and she made it as well. And then it was my turn. However, I had just gotten over the barrier, when 4 of the bouncers were on me. I managed to grab on to the stage, while they tried to drag me first one way, then the other. I kept yelling "Morrissey", but sadly he was busy singing "Last Night...". I think I managed to stay in front of the stage for about a minute, until a fifth bouncer joined in and they managed to drag me out to the right of the stage. One of them gave me an encouraging pad on the shoulder. I was completely wasted and felt even more down when I saw the two I had helped up rejoicing over their encounter with MOz (you owe me one, guys!).
Anyway, the show ended, and it has taken some days for everything to sink in. It was a brilliant show, Moz was better than ever, but the crowd seemed a bit dull and the sound was awful.
Hope to see you again soon Moz!

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