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Copenhagen, Denmark (Oct. 24, 1999)

My Moznight

Posted By: Schneil <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, Oct. 28 1999, at 2:26 p.m.

Hello Mozfans!
As usual it takes a few days to completely understand that you have actually been at a Morrissey concert. But now I think I am ready to describe how I experienced the show. Some of you attending the concert in the Grey Hall last Sunday mention in your Emails that you thought the concert in Vega two years ago was better. I disagree! I think Morrissey was better singing, better looking and more enthusiastic this time. The band played better this time, too. I didn't notice worse sound than in Vega. Maybe it's because I stood on the balcony in Vega and was down in the "moz-pitt" in the Grey Hall. Naturally you feel the singer's energy better when you're standing in front of him than when you stand on the balcony. That could explain why I felt closer to Morrissey this time.
However, I didn't get any souvenirs in Grey Hall. In Vega me and my two friends were wearing identic (vulgar) red pull overs, which we threw at the stage. Mine accidentally hit Morrissey (sorry about that!) and got stuck to the microphone while he was singing). After the concert I went up and collected my pull over from the stage as a souvenir. Therefore I didn't throw it at the stage this time. It was in some ridiculous way too precious to me. I think he would have thrown it back into the crowd in the Grey Hall and most likely I wouldn't see it ever again. He didn't throw many things back in vega (it seemed there were more flowers thrown at the stage in the Grey Hall than in Vega).

I also think the set list was much stronger last Sunday. Especially the start of the set. You're gonna need.... is one of my top 5 Morrissey songs and it has so much energy. It was a very good choice for a starter. The Boy Racer, Billy Budd and Reader.... kept the energy flowing well.
Morrissey surprosed me by playing Is It Really So Strange, Break Up The Family and Hairdresser..... It pleased me that he didn't just play the obvious crowd pleasers. I think it was brave and kind of him to chose these songs. Thank you Morrissey.
I couldn't have put together a better set list.....a longer one maybe, but not a better one.
I noticed the effectful use of light in this show. I didn't in '97.
The peak of the concert was Meat is Murder. It took me by surprise. I loved the dramatic sequense when he tore off his West Ham shirt and through it into the crowd. He then laid on the floor covered with red light.

The lyrics changes I heard:
Hairdresser........"stoned around Sloane Square"
Roy's Keen........."keener midfielder"
Tomorrow..........."tell me that you hate me"
Meat is Murder....."Do you know how animals die....

Do you care how animals die"
(he almost convinced me that I shold be a vegetarian, but later when I
was sitting at Burger King whith my friends I gave in and ate a Whopper...sorry!)

The concert in the Grey Hall was my third Morrissey concert, but hopefully not the last time. (You are welcome any time, Morrissey!).
As you might have guessed I also attended the show in vega in '97 and then I saw him in London (Alexandria Palace) in 1992. I have never been disappointed after a Morrissey concert. I have always seen a witty, carismatic person who apparantly seems to love what he is doing.

Finally I would like to invite anyone who agrees or disagrees with what I've written to write back. It is (almost) always nice to talk to a Mozfan.


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