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Bremen, Germany (Oct. 16, 1999)

He sings us our favorite song...but they never loosen the grip on our arms

Posted By: elsberry <[email protected]>
Date: Saturday, Oct. 16 1999, at 11:57 p.m.

Believe it or not - this one was an even bigger night out with our Morrissey. He seemed in a really good mood and was absolutely thrilling. The stage was MILES away from the people and as much as Morrissey tried during that whole show, he didn*t manage to reach one single outstreched hand. Furthermore there was massive security once again (about 8 people in the pit!) and so - again - noone made it on stage. A few (including me) succeded in climbing over the barrier for the last song but nothing more than that (it*s very consoling that he keeps looking at me in that very pitifull way when I get carried away before "we reach each other" (very nicely put, elsberry!), but ....oh well..). Oh yes, while Morrissey once more desperately tried to reach outstreched hands one girl made it over the barrier and managed to take his hand before being carried away. Morrissey only half-laughingly said:"THANK YOU!" which I think was very sweet. When he came on stage he said something like "Welcome to the West Ham Girls Club" cause that was what the www.Morrisseytour.com girls had on their T-Shirts. Later he also said "Thank you, you sexy beasts!" which I found a very nice thing to say. He*s lovely, that Morrissey, isn*t he?!
Well, as Morrissey at some of the gigs seemed to have forgotten to bring that banana along, I brought one and had QUITE a funny time with this little thing, Morrissey, Boz and even before with the guitarist of Sack. I*ll tell you the whole story when I*m less tired. Probably :-)
He talked a little more, he asked if there were actually people from Bremen there, or if they had all come from different places for the show. He said:"Is anybody living in Bremen?.... I mean is anybody who is HERE living in Bremen,...erm....."
Apart from all this tittle-tattle I was amazed to have "Lost" back ("this is a song we play very badly"), Meat is Murder was as great as ever, and I just love Speedway and November.
Sack I found very good again. We met the guys after the show and they are really charming young irish guys (just resisted to type "blokes", hahaha)

Anyway, I*m not able to switch my mind on again this late and with all this going on in my head so I*ll leave you with this confused report and promise to get better when I return from Copenhagen, hahaha....

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