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Berlin, Germany (Oct. 19, 1999)

Moz in Berlin - Yes, we are blind

Posted By: daniel
Date: Wednesday, Oct. 20 1999, at 10:30 a.m.

Setlist (maybe in wrong order):
You're gonna need...
Boy Racer
Billy Budd
Reader meet Author
Is it really so strange?
Hairdresser on fire
November spawned a monster
Meat is murder
Trouble loves me
Now my heart is full
Break up the family
Encore: Last night I dreamt...

They didn't play "Roy's keen" or "The teachers..."

SACK played very well and their sound was pretty good (far better than the main act's - what about a Moz-Soundcheck next day?!)Morrissey wore the same clothes as every night. At the beginning a rain of flowers was given from the audience to the stage. The first song was played a bit too slowly, it didn't rock. "Boy Racer" was very well, played with high energy. Moz's mic was not loud enough, the band sound was pulpy. Who cares, the audience wanted to SEE the man (but the light was in his back, so he could see the audience, but we saw only a silhouette.)
The same as every night:
the stage was a little bit too far, he tried to touch the first-line-viewers (and sang "I want to give hands to all my friends tonight" in BREAK UP THE FAMILY), some spectacular guitar-working in MEAT IS MURDER, some try-to-enter-the-stage-actions, finally one did it (I heard that one guy did it every night, maybe it's the same guy, maybe he gets money for it...)
They played all songs well, especially BOY RACER, SPEEDWAY, NOVEMBER...,MEAT IS MURDER. But it was not with the PASSION that I've exspected when I heard that they will play for FUN and not for MONEY. Before the encore Moz said: "'Cause it's Berlin" (which sounded special), and then they played the same song (which I really like, but to say "'Cause it's Berlin" is a lie, and to lie is betrayal).

In the long breaks between the songs Moz answered some I-LOVE-YOU-Shouts (really original...) with "Why?" (which was really funny), and he said "I'm listening" and "Write it down!". So he was a bit amused and also bored, but he was nice to his followers.
Some stupid idiots (with really @#!!!-looking hair and the I'M-THE-GREATEST-FAN-ATTITUDE) tried to make some trouble to reach the front-line... shame!

Good concert, big routine, a little bit unreal, untrue, and a very fascinating well-looking and lovely-singing man.

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