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Belfast, Ireland (Nov. 25, 1999)

Johnny Marr at Belfast show!

Posted By: R
Date: Friday, Nov. 26 1999, at 1:05 a.m.

Fascinating show. Morrissey very talkative and relaxed. His voice was great and the sheer strength and depth of his back catalogue was there for all to hear.(By the way, Sack are really rather good.)
The concert confirmed for me that, as a performer, Morrissey is entirely unique. Who else would constantly send himself up, playfully mock the adoring/apathetic sections of audience, and freely mess about with his most cherished lyrics - and manage to do it all with such an air of triumphant archness? It really was a hugely impressive and, at the same time, quite hilarious performance.

Bizarrely, the balcony, while supposedly "sold out", was completely empty. Downstairs, the standing area was specially fitted with seats, though almost everybody vacated them as soon as Morrissey appeared:
"I'm so glad the people in the balcony didn't come; I didn't want to see them either!"

"I'm sorry I haven't played in Belfast for 20 years; but nobody asked me. So I thought I'd oblige them!"

"You're too kind. It wasn't THAT good!" (in response to applause for 'November')

"Oh you're just being mean to me because I'm from Manchester!"

"There's someone who keeps calling out 'Johnny Marr'; and if you screw your eyes up and look very closely you can see that it IS Johnny Marr!"

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