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Aylesbury, UK (Dec. 6, 1999)

My thoughts on gig

Posted By: Grant <[email protected]>
Date: Wednesday, Dec. 8 1999, at 11:22 a.m.

The venue reminded me of the type of place I used to sit my school exams in: square in shape, polished wooden floor and sanitised. For anyone who didn't go but went to see the gig(s) at the Forum, the venue was about the same size as from the Forum stairs down (where the bars were), but without a balcony. No drinks were allowed into the hall itself. I didn't see Sack after having seen them at the Forum.

While I was hanging around in the bar area, the guy from the Moz t-shirt stall was trying to sell the last items: 2 t-shirts (the green Moz pic ones), so looks like the Merchandise manager will be happy.

Gig kicked off at exactly the same time as the Forum ones (9:25), so methinks this is too much of a coincidence - maybe there's a good programme on telly at 11pm, and Gary Day needs to get back to the hotel to watch it :) Audience looked from where I was standing about 85% male ;(

Moz was very chatty throughout the show, engaging in banter with the crowd. About half-way through in between songs you could have heard a pin drop, it was so quiet. Moz piped up "so have you all peaked?" Other quotes I picked up: people started chanting out "Kentish Town, Kentish Town...." to which he replied "Where's Kentish Town? Is it near Gravesend?" (no, don't ask me) and before 'Is it really...' he said something along the lines of "Where's home? Who knows - I don't know". When the guy asked about does he need a belt for his trousers the guy replied back that his size was '36'...if he was a 76 he'd have a few problems :) Also, when he threw his shirt out and said "Whoever gets the shirt gets me" he added "that's the catch".

Song wise there were a few gaps in between. At one point when waiting for the band to start up Moz tapped an imaginary watch on his wrist as if to say 'Hurry Up!', saying that the band were on good form and played as well as usual...Spike's fitting in well. I focused on him for a while and his use of the drums and timing is very good. Highlights for me were Tomorrow, Half a Person, Break Up, November & Last Night. No comments before Meat is Murder - considering the venue, maybe it wouldn't have got such a positive response from the crowd.

Only 1 security guy on stage: about 50% of people who tried to reach the stage made it, the other had being picked off by the guys in the gap between the stage and crowd.

So that's it in the UK for another 2 years at least...I won't hold my breath waiting for the next tour!

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