Vancouver, BC - Oct. 02, 1997
Orpheum Theatre (capacity: 2800)

Set List (provided by Keefer):

Maladjusted / Boy Racer / Alma Matters / Billy Budd / Reader Meet Author / Wide To Receive / Ambitious Outsiders / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Roy's Keen / Speedway  / Now My Heart Is Full / Paint A Vulgar Picture / The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils // Shoplifters Of The World Unite

Summary by Keefer

Morrissey came on the stage at 9:20pm, 40 minutes after Elcka’s strong performance. He was dressed in olive coloured pants, and had on a black button-up sweater, which of course was later removed. The ‘buildup’ music was the drum solo from ‘The Operation’, before the band started.

I managed to get Alain Whytes autograph, but Moz was simply impossible, surrounded by the Orpheum bouncers, and whisked to his bus after the show. I was really impressed by how Moz’s voice was, considering that he had the flu earlier. I’ve never heard it better on any live recording, he was right on, and hit all the high notes with ease, very impressive. 8 people managed to get on to the stage, but no major disruption was caused, they were quickly removed. The show ended at 10:15, as a topless Moz exited ‘stage right’, followed promptly by Boz, then the others. Very solid show in my opinion.

Summary by Shawn Gawdin

The concert started out rather calm and stayed that way for most of the show. Morrissey was very outgoing and friendly with the audience. The Orpheum theatre was far from sold out; there were at least six hundred empty seats as the entire upper balcony was nearly completely empty. I had a great view from row two of the dress circle, actually glad that I didn’t end up on the orchestra level. During the intermission everyone down there tried to cram the stage but the four poor security guards checked everyone’s tickets and only allowed the first few rows to stand at the stage. More security came (like four more guys) in and stood behind this group to keep everyone else back. Morrissey opened with a big "Good Morning!"

Some other highlights: During the second refrain of "The More You Ignore Me..." Morrissey flubbed this line big time, but just gave a grimace and kept on singing; during the latter half of the show (I’m not sure which song) when the first stage jumper got on Morrissey got a big cheer when he shook the boy’s hand as security dragged him off, unfortunately ninety percent of the audience saw that the guy was just let back into the front of the audience; just before starting "Paint A Vulgar Picture" Morrissey said, "Are you still all bored stiff?"- it did seem that most of the audience was but I blame this on the venue, the Orpheum doesn’t easily lend itself to much dancing etc.(though I tried to do my part- I was the goof in silver lame for anyone who was there).

Finally during "Teachers" more people were going on stage, including one fellow with MOZ tattooed in huge letters across his back. He knelt down for Morrissey to see this, Morrissey gave this grin then looked out into the audience and flexed his right arm in a muscle builder pose as if to say "How butch!" During the encore the stage assault got out of hand; Morrissey either had shirt ripped off, or took it off, and then threw it into the audience (he had thrown a tambourine into the audience earlier during "Teachers"). He was mobbed, and almost fell down backwards over someone. At this point he wisely chose to get off the stage. Some thugs then went for the band who also quickly left barely a quarter of the way into "Shoplifters." Most off the audience was upset with the hooligans in the orchestra and there was was some name-calling. The stage was dismantled really fast. Up until the end it was a great show, most of all I was really happy not to be squished like in ‘92.

Summary by Noel West

I regret to tell you that the concert in Vancouver didn’t go well at all. I was right at the front against the stage. The concert was awesome up to the encore. People started jumping on stage which has been done at previous concerts but this was different. There were up to 5-6 people trying to get up at a time. Morrissey was being mauled and hung on to by idiots. He quickly left the stage after the guards had knocked out the people hanging on to him and the concert was over. I was really angry when at the beginning of the encore people started to crunch to the stage and getting way out of control. It got to a point where his shirt was ripped off his body. I think this was a ruin to a great concert, and I wonder how this will affect any future tour plans. I’m a little upset and am glad to tell someone about this.

Summary by Mike Rashed

I was at the Vancouver show last night, and at the Toronto show to start the tour and it was like night and day. Although in Toronto the music was great and Morrissey played some unexpected gems like "Sunny" and "Nobody Loves Us", he had way more energy in Vancouver and seemed much more into it. I was lucky enough to get sixth row center and from the opening of "Maladjusted" it was obvious it was going to be a great show. He was in fine voice and swinging his microphone cord all over the place until he finally got wrapped up in it. The set was wonderful too and he was really into it, moving with authority and having a great time. The only things he said to the audience was "Good morning" at the beginning, and halfway through he asked "Are you bored stiff yet?" After a big chorus of "No!" from the audience, he replied "You will be!" As for the ending, well what can you expect. I’m just glad the chaos happened at the end and only caused us to miss the last chorus of "Shoplifters.." I wonder how much he dislikes all the craziness because he definitely seemed to be encouraging it, by shaking everyone’s hand who got up before and while singing "Hand it over, hand it over" he was gesturing to the masses in front, as if asking them to come up. Too bad there were too many idiots who wanted to maul him rather than just shake his hand or touch him. Fortunately from being at the Toronto show and reading Morrissey-solo regularly, I knew he never plays more than one encore song so I wasn’t disappointed at all. Great show, and I’m glad I finally saw him (twice!) this time around for the first time... I hope he got my band’s CD that I gave to a security guy at the back of the Orpheum, but I’m not counting on it.


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