St. Louis, MO - Nov. 06, 1997
American Theatre (capacity: 1700)

Set List (provided by Wade Schoeneweis):

The Boy Racer / Do Your Best And Don't Worry / Billy Budd / Ambitious Outsiders / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself / Paint A Vulgar Picture / Alma Matters / Spring-Heeled Jim / Reader Meet Author /The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Hold On To Your Friends  / Now My Heart Is Full / Speedway // Shoplifters Of The World Unite

Summary by Jessica Tragasz

When the doors opened at 7 pm, there were about 150 people in line. I couldn’t believe the poor turnout! Supposedly the venue was half sold, but surely once inside there were less than 900 people. There was a pit area, floor seating, and 2 balconies. 4 foot high barriers were placed about 5-7 feet away from the stage preventing the majority from reaching Moz. Only one attempt was made to reach the stage. The guy gave me a nice bruise, but with help we got him over the barricade. He didn’t quite make it on stage, but luckily Moz, very appreciative of the attempt, grabbed on to him as security did their usual manhandling - quite a touching look on the ‘ol Mozzer’s face, actually.

Overall, the show was incredible!!! Moz was EVERYTHING AND MORE more despite the lackluster crowd that was rarely moving to the music. The whole band seemed in a good mood, especially Alain who was very interactive with us in the front. The show was the standard hour, 2 Smiths, 7 Vauxhall, 3 Southpaw, 2 Maladjusted. Moz was talkative, animated, and very sexual - a lot of swaggering, posing, teasing, microphone rubbing, etc. The only minor disappointment came during "Shoplifters" when problems with the monitors visually upset and distracted him. Highlights of the night went something like: "Do you like this venue?.. Really?" (I believe Moz disliked this venue), "Do you like English snobs? Well... because we’re 5 English snobs", and "I used to be a singer for a band named Siouxsie and the Banshees" (just before "Paint a Vulgar Picture" if my memory serves me right).

Summary by Wade Schoeneweis

Morrissey was absolutely wonderful! I was in the second row. Two heavy set gals in front of me could not be budged. So, I was pretty much climbing over their backs all night. Only a few flowers were thrown on stage. Moz threw a few back and personnel gave one back. A girl to my left gave Moz a CD. It had Yugoslavia in the title. She also tried throwing some dog tags to him. Plus, she had a small sign that said "Morrissey, I am Wide To Receive". Some other girl about three people over gave him a card. I threw my card at Morrissey. I was afraid that I would never be able to personal hand it to him due to the gals in front of me. I threw it like a frisbee and it about nailed Moz in the head. It landed on the drumstand behind a towel. Moz put another letter in his pocket.

During "Shoplifters..." I tried helping a guy over the barrier, but he never had a chance due to the gals in front of me. One person did get over the barrier and was taken away. Moz did come over and grab his hand as he was taken away. The security was intimidating, but were not rough. Also, Morrissey ripped off his shirt and the place went crazy. He threw it into the crowd. I think about ten of us got a piece of it. I was able to get part of a sleeve. I didn’t see Morrissey leave the stage because we were still tugging over the shirt. After the show I just stood there and watched the stage hands taken everything away. Everyone around me was screaming for the set list, but I was not. A roadie threw a broken drumstick to the guy on my right. One of the roadies threw a set list to someone on my left. Then another was thrown to my right. It bounced off the fingers of about six different people. I just put my hand over the others and grabbed it. I was amazed! I wasn’t even trying. I was already fired up and now I was bouncing off the walls. I got Moz’s sleeve and then a set list. It was awesome. I bought a fanzine outside for $5.00. I can’t wait to read it. I bought one shirt. It has Moz sitting on a step with someone behind him. The back says Morrissey across the shoulders. MOZ rules!

Summary by Rudy Vasquez

St. Louis was the third time I saw Morrissey on the current tour and was definitely the best. Like the other shows the "Operation" drum solo started and he opened with "The Boy Racer". I’m pretty sure the American Theatre didn’t sell out, and the crowd didn’t get into it nearly as much as the Chicago shows but Morrissey sounded great and I believe he played the same exact set list as the Tulsa show. I thought he looked great, he rubbed the microphone on his chest quite a bit and took his belt off about halfway through the show but never removed his shirt. Like the other shows he took quite a few objects from the crowd and asked if anyone had been to Kansas City? "Shoplifters" was the encore and I think (?) I was the only person that went over the wall in an attempt to get on stage (there was about a 6 foot drop and the stage was about 7-8 feet away ) but these gigantic security guys grabbed me before I could get on stage and I only got to shake his hand.


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