Providence, RI - Sep. 16, 1997
Strand Theatre (capacity: 1984)

Set List:

Maladjusted / The Boy Racer / Billy Budd / Alma Matters / Ambitious Outsiders / Dagenham Dave / Now My Heart Is Full / Wide To Receive / Sunny / Reader Meet Author / Paint A Vulgar Picture / Roy's Keen / Satan Rejected My Soul / Speedway // Shoplifters Of The World Unite

Summary by David Tseng

The Strand is a playhouse with a balcony but on the floor there were no seats. Morrissey thanked the town of Providence several times, the first time he pronounced it 'provide-ance'. "Dagenham Dave" was started then stopped and then started again, Morrissey apologized by saying "Sorry about that, that was crap." At one point Moz asked the crowd if they were bored and also suggested people's feet may be stuck to the ground (?). There did seem to be a lot of people attempting to get on stage but security, again, was brutal. Perhaps 2 or 3 people did make it on though.

Summary by Emily

Sunday night’s Boston show was wonderful — Moz was visually enjoying himself and invited the crowd up on the stage in his coy manner. he had his usual fun collecting flowers and then pitching them up to the balcony. He more a black long-sleeved shirt, buttoned half-way, as he did in Providence as well. However, the show in Providence had a much different feel. The pit there was not comfortable but allowed us to be amazingly close to the man. He took my flowers from me! There were only 2 song changes from thew Boston show, but no matter, because the show was unbelievable. During the Providence show, he threw a pear he had brought on stage to the crowd, and repeatedly asked "Are you bored?" and "Do you want to go home?" which may have been sparked by what seemed a lack of enthusiasm from the balcony. The reason for this was that whenever someone in the balcony left their seat to come to the front bar, they were blinded by a flashlight of a security guard. SO maybe Moz was disappointed at this. The pit, however, was fully into the show, and chanted along to "Now MY Heart is Full" and others.

Summary by Paul

Morrissey’s opening comment of "Welcome to the dump" I interpreted as his comment on the condition of the Strand theatre. I remember his later foot-sticking comment as "Is everyone’s feet stuck to the floor? Oh well, it IS that kind of place".

While standing in line waiting for the doors to open, Alain Whyte and Jonny Bridgwood came out and briefly looked at some of the shop windows opposite the theatre. They were very friendly and patiently posed for more than a few pictures with fans.


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