Philadelphia, PA - Sep. 19, 1997
Electric Factory (capacity: 3500)

Set List:

Maladjusted / The Boy Racer / Billy Budd / Alma Matters / Ambitious Outsiders / Speedway / Wide To Receive / Sunny / Reader Meet Author / Paint A Vulgar Picture / Roy's Keen / Satan Rejected My Soul / Now My Heart Is Full // Shoplifters Of The World Unite


Summary by Jeff Rioux

I was pretty impressed by Elcka, by the way. Though it is certainly hard to judge a band when you cannot understand the lyrics, they wrote good "pop" music, and were very entertaining. The singer and drummer had particularly good stage presence (the drummer had a cymbal behind his head which he hit by simply throwing his hand over his head). Anyway, if you haven’t seen the show yet, don’t skip Elcka just because they are the opening band — they are fun. As in Cleveland, Morrissey et al came out to the drum solo from "The Operation", but the first song was "Maladjusted". He did very little talking, though he did introduce the Smiths’ "Paint a Vulgar Picture" by saying "I guarantee that no one will know this song."

It was a good show — seemingly short... Morrissey seemed in good spirits, dancing a lot, and throwing the flowers back to the audience.

Summary by Joseph Massey

First: Elcka surprised me and did well. I didn’t want to give them a chance because it was so hot on the floor — shoulder to shoulder. Although the lead singer mistook Sly Stallone for Al Pacino (a blunder I screamed to point out) he faired well.

The backdrop came down: A boy sticking his tongue out at another boy. As soon as the backdrop appeared there was a HEAVY rush to the stage. Morrissey came out swinging a green neon necklace, or so it seemed.

I think I could smell him, or one of the band members (heavy cologne). It got so rough down on the floor that a lot of people were struggling to get out. One girl was panicking.

Moz WAS very distant.... But it was an energetic set.... He seemed frustrated with security, understandably so. 3 people managed to get on stage... The third person actually touched Morrissey — hugged him and shook his hand — before being raked off by his neck.

Good show.

Summary by Jough Dempsey

Well, my friends and I arrived quite early, but learned from security that Morrissey had been inside since 8am, and was having food brought to him, and wouldn’t be coming outside. We waited anyway, and Morrissey did step out the back for less than 5 minutes, signing a few t-shirts and body parts before being escorted back inside for soundcheck. The band seemed to be goofing off all afternoon, although Morrissey didn’t seem to be singing with them until much later. The band played "The Teachers are Afraid of the Pupils" over and over again, although it didn’t show up in the set, later.

Someone from the fanzine "True To You" was interviewing the opening band Elcka in the rear of the building, and the singer and guitar player were hanging out talking to the fans for awhile, perhaps in efforts to not be booed off stage, as I heard that they were on other tour stops.

Finally, at 7:30 pm, the doors were opened, and the entering fans were frisked. Elcka didn’t hit the stage until 9:00 sharp, and played for 40 minutes. They were unexpectedly good, and won the audience over after the first few songs.

There was another 20 minute break or so, with various songs playing (including "Downtown" which everyone up front began singing along with). The crowd was very stiff, like caged animals awaiting their meal. I managed to position myself about 6 feet from the stage. There was a small barrier, behind which about a dozen security guards were standing.

Around 10 pm, Morrissey hit the stage, and everyone rushed towards the front, causing much shoving, and two or three fist fights broke out. Morrissey was in fine form, opening with "Maladjusted". As for the set list, it was much like the first four shows, as posted. Moz played for just over an hour. It was a great show.

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outside the soundcheck
photo: Keith Vanetta

another tattoo forthcoming
photo: David Tseng

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Electric Factory sign
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early-afternoon line
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