A Pace Behind Him At The Soundcheck
by Jason McEnaney

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photo: Jason McEnaney

I drove up from Winston-Salem, NC for eight hours and got to the Electric Factory at about 12:30 PM the afternoon of the show. When about 5:00 rolled around I was waiting with my "Alma Matters" single and camera with the rest of the crowd. I was speaking to the guy with the Moz tattoo for what seemed to be forever. When Moz pulled up in the Lincoln, he came right over to us with a smile and I was second to have my CD signed. I thanked him so much for coming over and for playing the states and he said "yes" and went to shake my hand and a girl stuck her hand in his instead. At this point he was looking at my face. He then said in a deep voice "that’s not your hand is it", dropped the girl’s hand and picked mine out of the crowd of hands. I said thank you again and he smiled. I then proceeded to take 27 quick pictures, most of which came out pretty well, but there is this one shot that I can’t believe came out so well, with no one else, just him.

I was truly "a pace behind him at the soundcheck" and will never forget it.

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photo: Jason McEnaney