Montreal, QC - Sep. 13, 1997
Théatre Saint-Denis (capacity: 2200)

Set List:

Maladjusted / The Boy Racer / Billy Budd / Alma Matters / Ambitious Outsiders / Nobody Loves Us / Now My Heart Is Full / Wide To Receive / Sunny / Dagenham Dave / Paint A Vulgar Picture / Roy's Keen / Satan Rejected My Soul / Speedway // Shoplifters Of The World Unite

Summary by David Tseng

Similar to Massey Hall in Toronto, St.-Denis is also a playhouse, with a single balcony. Tight security did not allow anyone to leave their seats except for those near the very front. I believe only one person rushed on to the stage.

Right before starting the encore Morrissey said, "Thank you for being so very nice -- thank you."


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