Kissimmee, FL - Nov. 14, 1997
Tupperware Convention Center Theatre

Set List (provided by Adam):

The Boy Racer / London / Dagenham Dave / Billy Budd / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself / Nobody Loves Us / Spring-Heeled Jim / Roy's Keen / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Paint A Vulgar Picture / Alma Matters / Reader Meet Author / The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils / Satan Rejected My Soul  // Shoplifters Of The World Unite

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Summary by Adam

Quotes: 'Some of you look very sexy -- but I'm not going to name names' 'Thank you for showing up - this will only get worse' (or something to that effect.) Three Smiths songs. Barricade kept us so far that I (being 6'1") had to lean on tip-toes just to meet his finger tips. One guy tried to get on stage, but was apprehended quickly. Not eventful, but Moz was in good spirits. Very dramatic tonight. We loved it.

Summary by Thomas Anatasia

On the Wed. prior to the show I had logged on to this site to read the reviews from the Gainesville show. I was very pleased with the fact that almost everyone had stated that he was very receptive to the crowd. This fueled my high hopes for a great show. The show started at 9:30 pm, and personally I thought the acoustics in the convention center were horrible. With Morrissey being my all time favorite artist my expectations are very high. I was very happy that he played my favorite song from the new album - "Roy's Keen" along with others "Alma Matters", "Satan Rejected My Soul". But unfortunately he did not seem to have the energy level that was described in Gainesville. It was almost if he was just there to do a job. When the show ended the crowd barely cheered for an encore. No wonder he only came back to play one song. But a beautiful rendition of "Shoplifters of the World" it was. Out of the three times I've been to see him, this will have to rank last. Nevertheless, a low energy Morrissey show, is better than no Morrissey show at all.

Summary by Joe Adragna

The Tupperware Theatre was filled last night for Morrissey and the Smoking Popes in Kissimmee FL. This was one of the best, if not the best, Morrissey show I've seen. The band were just incredible, and certainly made anyone who suggests that they can't play look extremely foolish. Moz seemed to be in high spirits, as they tore through their set. I think the set list was absolutely fantastic. The first four songs just rocked, and the energy was most definitely high!!!! This show beat out G'ville, which I thought was damn good. Here's to Morrissey and the band for an EXCELLENT show( BTW, "Teachers" was UNBELIEVABLE!!!)


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