Backstage, Central Park
New York City, NY
Sept. 17, 1997

Photos courtesy Svenja

During the day of the Central Park concert, Svenja (who works at the Cupcake Café, NYC, known for making 'amazing' custom-made cakes) got to deliver backstage a cake decorated in the form of the Maladjusted sleeve. Little did she know that she would be lucky enough to deliver it in person... Thanks to Svenja for sharing these pictures from the day:

backstage1.jpg (40802 bytes)
Morrissey and Svenja backstage, Central Park

backstage2.jpg (33166 bytes)
Morrissey and the Maladjusted cake

backstage3.jpg (38719 bytes)
Svenja and Morrissey

backstage4.jpg (21135 bytes)
"The cake that made all this possible..."