Gothenburg, Sweden - Dec. 1, 1997
Lisebergshallen (capacity: 3100)

Set List:

Do Your Best And Don't Worry / The Boy Racer / Billy Budd / Reader Meet Author / Spring-Heeled Jim / Alma Matters / Paint A Vulgar Picture / Dagenham Dave / Hold On To Your Friends / Roy's Keen / Satan Rejected My Soul / Now My Heart Is Full / Speedway // Shoplifters Of The World Unite

Set list provided by Christian Arvidson
** Scan of the actual set list provided by Christian.

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Summary by Christian Arvidson

This was our second Morrissey gig of this Scandinavian tour. The night before was wonderful and we were a bit skeptical about this night. We knew that "Lisebergshallen" was a lot bigger than the Danish "Vega". Lisebergshallen holds something around 3000 people and about 1500-2000 tickets were sold. This sounds a bit more boring than the sold out, very intimate venue Vega.

We got there early as usual and we managed to get in the front row again. Me, in my golden shirt in good old Morrissey style. We, in the front row, got handshakes from Mozzer as usual. Morrissey seemed to be in a good mood this boring Monday, but he didn't say much between the songs. The audience in Gothenburg was magnificent!! It seemed that all the people in the crowd had been waiting 13 years for Morrissey to finally get to Sweden and they all been sitting home practising Morrissey's lyrics. In "Alma Matters" the crowd was screaming at the top of their lungs and Morrissey stopped singing and the crowd sang for him. Morrissey laughed and looked completely surprised and very, very happy. After the band struck the last chords of the track the crowd continued singing the "Alma Matters" chorus. They continued singing for maybe one minute... Morrissey was very pleased and bowed and said "thank you". The concert was great, and especially the crowd was great! Our only disappointment was that the set list was identical to the one from the night before.

Summary by Tommy Gunnarsson

Since it was the first time I saw Morrissey live, I have nothing to compare with, but it was the best concert I have ever been to. Morrissey walked on stage at 20.40, and started off with "Do Your Best And Don't Worry", which was followed by "The Boy Racer". Alain Whyte showed his musical talent, as well as adding wonderful backing vocals, and the whole band sounded great. Morrissey may have looked a little unenthusiastic sometimes, but I don't think that mattered to me.

The crowd was great, singing along to every single line, and after "Alma Matters" they even sang the chorus to that song by themselves. After that Morrissey said: "Thank you for singing" followed by, "You sing very beautifully". That was about everything he said during the concert, except for "Thank You" after the songs. It lasted for about an hour, but it felt as if it was just ten minutes or something. It was bloody great! I saw in the Swedish newspaper Expressen yesterday that it got 3 out of 5 from their reviewer Peter Ohman. He thought it was too short (only 57 minutes) and I may agree with him there. Otherwise he thought it was great too.


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