Copenhagen, Denmark - Nov. 29, 1997
Vega (capacity: 1500)

Set List:

Do Your Best And Don't Worry / The Boy Racer / Billy Budd / Reader Meet Author / Spring-Heeled Jim / Alma Matters / Paint A Vulgar Picture / Dagenham Dave / Hold On To Your Friends / Roy's Keen / Satan Rejected My Soul / Now My Heart Is Full / Speedway // Shoplifters Of The World Unite

Set list provided by Christian Arvidson

Summary by Thomas Bjerre

It was an amazing show - without doubt the best concert I have ever witnessed.

Morrissey entered the stage with a "Hello Sexy!" and burst into "Do Your Best And Don't Worry". He was almost glowing with joy and enthusiasm, and he was very playful and sexy on stage slashing the microphone cord all over the place. He kept shaking hands with the people in the crowd, and at one point he was holding this girl's hand for 10-15 seconds just feeling and turning her ring while looking straight at her. I stretched as far as I could and (lo and behold) Moz grabbed my thumb with his thumb (about five other people were holding on to the rest of his hand) and he looked me straight in the eyes. I almost fainted right there. Eye contact with Morrissey - WOW! After shaking hands he stood up and put his right hand down his pants touching his crotch. People went berserk! At another time he put the microphone down his shirt and let in hang dangling between his legs while caressing himself. You should have heard the people screaming.

He also said "It's nice to see so many sexy faces here tonight. Where are they from? Oslo?" and later "Are you all going to work tomorrow? (Everyone yelled no)... Oh, that's a shame", also "Feel free to say something". After "Speedway" he said "You've been absolutely gorgeous. I'll never forget you". And he left the stage after "Shoplifters" saying "I love you, I love you, I love you".

And that was it. It was over there and then. I was dizzy with exhaustion and high on happiness, well aware of having experienced something totally unique together with 1500 dedicated Morrissey fans. I can't wait till the next time.

Summary by Christian Arvidson

An excellent Morrissey show, the best one of the four I saw on the Scandinavian tour (the other ones were Gothenburg, Oslo and Stockholm). Morrissey seemed to be in a great mood and he talked quite a lot between the songs. The first thing he said was: "Hello sexy". The venue was full (1500 approx.) and the crowd were enjoying themselves. A lot of people knew all the words and they were singing along loudly. Morrissey stopped singing during the last chorus of "Now My Heart Is Full" and let the audience finish the last chorus. Me and my four friends were standing in the first row and the pressure was almost a bit too much at times, but we survived alright. Morrissey shook our hands a few times in his usual manor. During "Shoplifters" a few people managed to get through the security to get on stage. I myself got pulled up by Morrissey and I went down on my knees and kissed his right hand before I was dragged off stage by Morrissey's stage security. This gig was the best Morrissey gig I have had the pleasure to witness so far (I had seen five Morrissey concerts before I saw this one). A great evening!

PS if anyone has got a picture of me kissing Morrissey's hand, please e-mail me!!

Merchandise for sale on the Copenhagen / Gothenburg / Oslo / Stockholm shows were:
*one poster
*a skinny fit "I Love Moz" shirt
*a black Morrissey t-shirt with the text "Morrissey" on the back and a picture with him sitting on front (probably taken from the same photo session as the "Alma" and "Satan" covers)
*a white t-shirt with a similar picture as on the black one. This one also has "Morrissey" written on the back.
*a white t-shirt that has the same front as the "Do your best"-shirt from the last tour (big Morrissey picture with his hand in front of his mouth) and the back says "Wide To Receive" this time.
*a white t-shirt with a football stylish logo on front saying "Morrissey" and "On this glorious occasion..." the back has got "Satan Rejected My Soul" written over the back.

Summary by John Fogde

I went to see the mighty Moz, when he visited Copenhagen on the 29th of November. It was his only show in Denmark, so although I live in another part of the country I happily paid about 70 dollars in trainfare and 40 dollars for the ticket to go to the concert. I thought it was a bit expensive, but I was really looking forward to the show. But I've got to tell you I feel a bit robbed now. As it turned out the entire show lasted only an hour. I just don't get it. He played a very good set, which included "Paint a Vulgar Picture" and then he went off stage. The crowd was wild, shouting and singing along. He then came back in a new outfit and played a great version of "Shoplifters". The crowd went ballistic and then the show was over. One bloody hour! Morrissey is supposed to be a working class hero. A man of the people. And then he charges a fortune for the shortest show I've ever seen. And it's not like he hasn't enough material to choose from either. He didn't even play "The More You Adore Me" or "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful". All in all I felt like a fool. It was a good concert, but definitely not worth the money.

Summary by Lars Burmeister

Just wanted to tell you that Saturday's concert in Copenhagen, Denmark, was very good indeed. It was held in a venue called VEGA in the center of Copenhagen. The sold-out venue holds 1500 people, and it a very suitable place for a Morrissey concert: a bit run down and yet strangely attractive.

He spoke a few times: when he entered the stage he growled "HELLO SEXY!" And a bit later on he said something like "Oh, look at all those sexy faces - do you all come from Oslo?" (Oslo, of course, is the capital of Norway).

The audience was very enthusiastic and very devoted - and about three fans managed to get on the stage to kiss his feet. He said we were gorgeous! (Ha!)

The show made me realise that the new songs are every bit as good as the classic ones - at least in concert.

Summary by Daniel El Fassi

He came, He sang, He conquered our hearts!!

Saturday night Morrissey played his first gig in Denmark since the 7th of May 1991.

His first comment being "You´re sexy", he started his magnificent set which seems quite similar to the Raleigh show set published on these pages, with the major exception that He did not do "London".

Throughout the concert Morrissey seemed very energetic he had a wonderful, forceful expression and was very mobile onstage. His voice was excellent, I´d say it was superior to the commercially available video tapes, even "Introducing Morrissey"!!!

He seemed quite content with the concert, threw his tambourine out to us, as well as he (quite impolitely - really) returned the flowers tossed onstage, 3 guys were able to pass security and get onstage during the singular encore "Shoplifters..."

During one of the highlights "Now My Heart Is Full", he introduced (?) his version of the Vogue placing his hands alternately to the right and left side of his chest and abdominal wall, while holding the microphone between his legs -- quite a nice bit of choreography.

It was a wonderful evening, the only low being the relatively short set, approximately 70 mins.

Summary by Michael Lauesgaard Nissen

Me and my friend got to the concert hall around 7 pm and went to the back of the building (just in case). Then suddenly Boz, Alain, Johnny and Spencer went out in a small van, and we just stood paralysed and couldn't say a word. Would we have fainted if Morrissey came??? Well anyway, time continued and we went inside.

Doors opened at 8 pm, and a split second later the support band started out. I myself was a little late for this, but (as I cannot remember their name) I do not think I missed particularly much in my development as a person. Sorry Eleckta (?). The music was alright, but the lead singer was, I must say, terrible. I hate singers who pretend to have charisma and just don't have it.

However, suddenly (after about 45 minutes) the drum beat from "The Operation" began, and the crowd started to roam and shout (as usual). Morrissey went on stage, and played a fantastic 55 minutes. Just as last time in Denmark in 1991. I'd like to give a little credit to myself and my friend as we started the Morrissey-song as it is heard on the "Hulmerist" video between each song. Everybody followed and it was as if Morrissey hadn't expected it in Denmark, because he smiled several times at the crowd. Also he once spotted a group giving him thumbs from the upper balcony and he thumbed them back with a somewhat ironic smile.

Of course I would have to mention that while concluding the show with "Shoplifters Of The World", he said "I won't forget this". Maybe he says that on every show (although I don't think he is like that) but it was great.

In general, people went more mad than in 1991, and as for myself I was, in effect, totally dehydrated when the show finished. And with a cold November here in Copenhagen, I caught a cold afterwards. But that is the reward for going home merely in a soaked t-shirt. God I love it. Morrissey seemed to be in great shape and in a good mood, so everyone was happy. Also, the set they played consisted of nothing but great pop songs (could it have been different?). The reviews of the gig were in some of the big newspapers in Denmark not surprisingly indifferent, but one reviewer obviously saw the light that evening. The crowd on that evening knew all the songs (with lyrics), which was very surprising to me as I often get the feeling that me and my friend are the only ones in this country who know Morrissey. We are not!


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