Chicago, IL - Sept. 27, 1997
Riviera Theatre (capacity: 2200)

Set List (provided by Koen Versavel):

Boy Racer / Alma Matters / Dagenham Dave / Speedway / Billy Budd / Reader Meet Author / Sunny / Satan Rejected My Soul / Maladjusted  / Now My Heart Is Full // (no encore)

"Chicago Shows - Paint A Vulgar Picture" - by Monte Householter
"Chicago - 'Deeply Disturbed" - by Justin North
"Chicago - parts 1 and 2" - concert summaries by Garrison Poppe
"Chicago - A Unique Souvenir" - story by Alison Olcott

Summary by Rick

NOTE: I'm not complaining here, simply stating facts...

Tonight was the second Chicago show. Morrissey opened the show saying something like: "Chicago, a wonderful town...sometimes." As noted last night during the Aragon show, Morrissey had been suffering from the "Chicago Flu"... well, it was still with him tonight. At one point (I believe it was still the second song or so) he crossed himself, clasped his hands together, looked upward, and grabbed his throat - as if praying to God that his voice would endure the remainder of the show...

I was standing near the sound booth, so I was able to see the entire set list and could easily follow the difficulties of tonight's performance: The first "skip" occured before he played "Billy Budd." The set list showed "Nobody Loves Us" and Morrissey seemed to make the change on the spot, causing Alain to race for his capo. The next major change (or should I say blunder) occured during "Satan..." A verse was skipped/missed and the song rambled along feebly until Morrissey finally called it off. Then they skipped another song: "Roy's Keen." Also skipped, after "Maladjusted" was "Ambitious Outsiders."

Regarding the two Smiths songs they've been playing: "Paint a Vulgar Picture" was NOT on the set list, however "Shoplifters" was noted as the only encore song. You can probably guess this by now... there was no encore.

Yes, it was disappointing. Fortunately I was able to see the first Chicago show last night, and yes...



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