Channel 4 Teletext (Dec. 12, 1997)
review by Stephen Eastwood

submitted by Naomi Colvin

Well slap me on the patio and call me a sad old Smiths fan, but I for one was excited at the prospect of La Mozzer's first UK gig in, oooh, several yonks.

El Mobo is one of those artists who one either fervently adores or couldn't give a fog about, yet the laddy terrace chants of his mane from the fans throughout Wednesday's show indicated that for an obsessive few, Moz still matters.

Floral tributes were scant but welcomes with the words "I love being petalled!"
[sic. He actually said "I don't mind being heckled" - Naomi].

Appearing in front of a Carry-On style homoerotic backdrop, saucy ol' Moz greeted all the "Sexy Londoners" who had trudged through the mud surrounding the Power Station to view their idol.

The set focussed on the last two LPs, with two Smiffs songs thrown in for good measure: the bitter "Paint A Vulgar Picture" and an encore of "Shoplifters of the World Unite".

There were undoubted crowd-pleasers yet the sinister "Ambitious Outsiders" was another high point. All in all the show proved there's life in the old Mozz yet.