Atlanta, GA - Nov. 15, 1997
The Fox Theatre

Set List:

The Boy Racer / London / Dagenham Dave / Billy Budd / Paint A Vulgar Picture / Now My Heart Is Full / Roy's Keen / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself / Reader Meet Author / Spring-Heeled Jim / The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils / Alma Matters / Speedway  // Shoplifters Of The World Unite

Set list provided/confirmed by: Adam, Scott Scribner, Austin Bell, A. Reimann, Mark Consolla and Stephen Ingram

"The More You Ignore Me" was on the set list after "Alma Matters" but was not played, according to Austin Bell.

Summary by John M.


after "Boy Racer": "We are Fleetwood Mac." (also in town)
after "London": "You should have gone to Jane's Addiction... they have SO MUCH to say!" (also in town)
midpoint: "I'm sorry, but I can't hear very well tonight... not that I'm deaf or anything."
before encore: "I want you to close your eyes... close your eyes for a few minutes... just close your eyes, and imagine... I... am... Stevie... Nicks."

At one point, Boz seemed to have trouble with his guitar while Morrissey was having difficulties with his earpiece -- while Boorer's back was turned to the audience (he seemed to be repairing a string maybe), Morrissey began chanting, "Boz! Boz! Boz! Boz!", and several times he tapped his ear, as if he was having hearing problems.

Summary by Todd Caras

The Morrissey show was outstanding, better than the "Your Arsenal" show. The audience was great because most people came from other cities. Along with the usual "older people" there were a lot of kids there and they really were properly educated. Morrissey looked great, but what's with the gold chains? The Fox Theater is the perfect environment for his show, it is classy and beautiful as well as perfect for sound. Security was very nice despite the three or four that wrapped around him.

I must say that a Morrissey show is one in which I would rather not have front row, we did get a little trampled on at times... which is good because we will complain the day it doesn't happen. He was funny last night as well. After "Boy Racer" he said, "Hello, we are Fleetwood Mac" and then laughed. After "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself" he said, "You should of all really gone and seen Jane's Addiction, I mean, they have so much to say." Then, right before the encore, "Okay, I want everyone to close all of your eyes, come on on, close your eyes... and pretend that I am Stevie Nicks!"

Summary by Matt Brooks

The Fox Theatre wasn't quite sold out, but it was an incredible place for a Morrissey concert: a mock-Middle-Eastern art deco beauty of a building with a ceiling of glittering stars. The orchestra pit had five rows of seats in it, but it was clear from the outset that the audience wasn't going to respect ticket numbers. The security had absolutely no idea what they were in for! As soon as the lights went down, people rushed forward, climbing over the knee-height pit barrier, and standing on the seats.

Morrissey looked amazing - muscular, yet lithe and graceful. I was right near the speakers, so it all sounded quite distorted to me, but I'm assured by others further back that it was all in tune! He performed THREE Smiths songs - "London," "Paint A Vulgar Picture" and a blistering "Shoplifters." Stage invasions were sporadic, although spectacular, until the "Shoplifters" finale, when (at a guess) ten or fifteen people got up on the stage and clambered all over Morrissey.

At this point I had my head resting against the speaker (I'm deaf now), and my hands on the stage, but there was a guard right next to me, so I don't think I'd have gotten very far. "Ambitious Outsiders" was sadly absent. but he more than made up for it with an extra-fierce "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils" - the highlight of the show, in my opinion.

This was an EXCELLENT show - even the two non-Morrissey fans I bought tickets for said it was the best show they had ever seen! Funniest moment of the night: a fan holding up a "Vote Bill Campbell for Mayor" placard in front of Morrissey (we have the mayoral election soon), and Morrissey's subsequent look of complete bewilderment! I just hope it doesn't take him another five years to come back here again ...

Summary by Elaine (Louisiana)

This was my first Morrissey show. I am from Louisiana, so I was waiting for him to come to Texas. Since that didn't happen, my boyfriend bought us tickets for Atlanta (7 1/2 hours from here).  Definitely worth the drive.

The Smoking Popes were pretty good -- their singer has a really cool voice. The crowd seemed to tolerate them well. The intermission seemed like it was a decade long. The crew fiddled with the lights for a long time. Security checked tickets in the pit, as some people were giving their stubs away to let other people into the pit. Then smoke starts appearing on the stage. I was in the 3rd row in the pit, and everyone immediately jumped up and over the wired-together seats. Morrissey didn't come out right then, it was still a couple of minutes. I was able to stand on my chair long enough to have a great view of him when he came out. Then security made me get down. Morrissey looked good -- a blue shirt unbuttoned half-way and some Sans-A-Belt-looking pants. Also a gold necklace and bracelet. I couldn't see his shoes, I'm too short!

Most of you probably know the set list by now, so I'll skip that. However, "London" was the second song!!! He had a few things to say--"We're Fleetwood Mac", "You should have gone to Jane's Addiction, they have so much to say", "Close your eyes and pretend I'm Stevie Nicks", "Did that sound okay? Would you tell me if it didn't?", "We're having trouble with the sound, but that doesn't mean I'm deaf", and probably some more that I just can't remember right now.

There were several stage-climbers, all of which were quickly grabbed by security. During "Shoplifters", things just got outright brutal. I tried to stand on my seat again, because I knew security probably wouldn't bother with getting me down so near the end of the show. However, a girl behind me was sitting on the back of a chair -- during the encore! When I put my leg up to stand on the chair next to her she grabbed me and said, "No, you're not!". I didn't bother arguing -- she would have made me miss the encore. Some drunk guy next to my boyfriend kept screaming, "Go back to your castle, Steven!"

It was a great show, his voice was fantastic, and I would see him again in a second! If you haven't been, GO!!

Summary by Mark Consolla

Well, I flew down to Atlanta to see Morrissey with my friend Bill who lives there. Needless to say, he was not happy because Morrissey only played the two singles from Maladjusted. I was very happy because I'd had already seen the show in Philadelphia in which most of the songs from Maladjusted were played. The Smoking Popes came on at 8:00 sharp (and I mean sharp). They played a great set which included "Imagination" from Willy Wonka. They played for about 40 minutes. Morrissey came on about 9:15. He was wearing kakhi pants and a denim shirt. The theater was only about 70% filled. After "Boy Racer", Morrissey announced, "Hello, we're Fleetwood Mac." The band seemed a little off. It did seem that Boz's guitar sounded a little too loud and drowned out the rest of the band. Morrissey did mention that "You should have gone to see Jane's Addiction," who happened to be playing the same night. The stand up bass was brought out and at this point I expected to hear "Ambitious Outsiders" (as that is what they played in Philly). Instead they played "Why Don't You Find..." (which did not sound very good).

Apparently, Morrissey was having some trouble hearing himself. After the song he said, "Did that actually sound good? Would you say it didn't if it did?" We all shouted NOOOOO. Another pleasant surprise was when the string arrangement started playing for "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils". I about fell out of my seat. Six or seven people got on stage before the concert ended. Some of them literally diving onto the stage. The concert was over in the usual hour. Afterwards I ran to the sidewalk to catch a glimpse of Moz and the band. The band came out pretty soon after the concert and were ushered onto the bus. It was about 35 degrees out so the crowd started to get sick of waiting for Moz (but I wasn't going to leave). A car finally pulled up. I recognized Morrissey's publicist (or something) getting into the car. People across the street started to scream since they could see him before the rest of us being held around the corner from the alley which he was coming out of. Once he was in view we all rushed past the guards. Morrissey was able to get into the car, but not before fans jumped on the trunk of the car as it drove away. A guard pushed a bunch of people back. The girl behind me didn't see the curb and tripped into the street. I started to fall on top of her, but was able to stop myself before I crushed her. All in all I was very pleased (despite my sprained wrist).


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