Zeppelin Without Plant???

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    I'm sorry but I'm not in favor of this. It would be like Townsend replacing Daltrey or Marr replacing Morrissey..

    Led Zeppelin To Tour, Record Without Plant?

    October 28, 2008 , 11:00 AM ET

    Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.
    The non-singing members of Led Zeppelin apparently aren't waiting around for Robert Plant to sign off on a reunion tour and/or album. In an interview with BBC Radio, bassist John Paul Jones said he and guitarist Jimmy Page and drummer Jason Bonham "are trying out a couple of singers."

    "We want to do it," he said. "It's sounding great and we want to get on and get out there." But he cautioned Plant sound-a-likes were not the goal, and that "it's got to be right. There's no point in just finding another Robert. You could get that out of a tribute band, but we don't want to be our own tribute band."

    With Plant, Zeppelin reunited for a well-received one-off concert last December in London. But Plant, who has been touring with Alison Krauss for most of 2008, recently said he has no plans to work with the band again.

    In recent months, Page, Jones and Bonham have logged rehearsal time together in the hopes Plant would agree to tour. Rumors have also circulated that Alter Bridge vocalist Myles Kennedy is in the running to step in for Plant.

    On Nov. 4, Rhino will release a 10-disc boxed set featuring Led Zeppelin's nine studio albums plus the rarities album "Coda" in mini-LP replica sleeves with artwork from the original U.K. vinyl releases.
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    no no no no no no no!

    Alter Bridge??? you mean "Creed 2.0" ???


    no Zep w/out Plant. I agree. just wrong. :rolleyes:
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    Why not get "David Coverversion"? That's what Robert Plant called David Coverdale when Page made a very Zeppelin-sounding record with him, now forgotten, sometime in the 90's. After that record, which was surely done in part out of spite against Plant, Plant returned and did some projects with Page. Just to be clear, Whitesnake tried very hard to sound like Led Zeppelin and even had a guitarist using a violin bow, which Page commented on, "I was watching MTV and I fell out of bed laughing".

    This is all designed to goad Plant into returning.

    Further proof is that when Page and Plant reformed the last time Jones was not invited. They used Robert Plant's son-in-law as bassist. Jones was understandably a little hurt that he wasn't at least told about the project.

    For him to be the one to leak this info is a further slap in the face to Plant.

    The dynamics of Led Zeppelin changed greatly over the years. It was Jimmy Page's band to start with. He and Jones were respected studio musicians and of course Page was famous with The Yardbirds. But Robert Plant was, in comparison, unknown. Robert knew John Bonham and brought him into the group. Once they got famous, immediately, Robert Plant became a star equal to Page, in the public's eye, but I imagine that the relationship between Plant and Page was never equal.

    I think that has a lot to do with Plant wanting to make his own music, because he could do anything he has done anywhere else as part of Led Zeppelin. There were no restrictions on the type of music they did.

    Jimmy understandably wants to get out there and be Led Zeppelin again, and Robert seems to have felt that it was beneath him to sign on for that. If they actually do it without Robert Plant everyone knows that it will not be that successful. I hope that they don't actually go through with it, and that Robert is not stubborn enough to allow it to happen.

    If they didn't sound good anymore it would be different but the show they did last year ( I think) was pretty good. Hopefully Robert will have a change of heart. (and stay together)
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    haha, david coverdale. ewwwwwww :sick:

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