So I told my boyfriend all about this post (and how orher Morrissey fans are idiots) and seconds in he told me (because his family is Scottish/British) that all men call their women 'fatty'. Is this true?

I still think i'm right though.

Just because Morrissey makes a comment in an interview that doesn't make it truthful.

If he says "this is about the singer of Madness" that doesn't mean it's true.

First of all, I made this post as a joke, hence why I titled it 'joke'.

But seriously, if this song is truly about the singer of Madness, then it's truly a poorly written song. No mention or even allusion to Madness. Or is there? Tell me if there is.

Personally, as a Canadian born in 1991, the only way this song 'works' is as a comment of body image.

If it is just about the singer of Madness then it is a terrible song with no relation to real life to anyone except the few who know who sang in that band.

In conclusion,
If you think this song is ONLY about the singer of Madness, based on some interview, then you're an asswipe.

If you think Morrissey is capable of writing a song with multiple meanings, then I'm probably right.

Why speak of Battersea repeatedly? Many people are from there. Battersea does not imply Madness. You'd be mad to think so.

If anyone can implicitly show that YTOFMF is about the singer of Madness, based on the lyrics, please do.
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