YT: "Getting To Know Alain Whyte" interview (January 5, 2020)

short but sweet,like the fact his child is just wandering around.

are we told when and where the promised "AlainT" tour of fish markets start?:)
Funny that Marr asked Alain if he would ever play with Morrissey again.
Never once mentioned his time playing Ray Daley in Minder prior to joining Morrissey ?


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Wow - bloke from the Bee Gees interviews Morrissey's main songwriter.
Culture clash alert!
i like it how AlainT carries on as if he was some famous musical superstar when in fact nobody has heard of him.

he had a meeting with the salad punk rock drummer where it was agreed that none wanted to be rich and famous.:lbf:

Most people ask themselves who is this Le Pew he refers to.
very high grade interview by some twat in a kitchen.:straightface:
a disaster.:straightface:
I know Alain was surprised/upset he wasn't going to be part of the recording session for YOR.. has he ever really talked about that? If so, what has he said?
The Red Lightning CD is excellent. I remember getting that back in the day.
I also remember the other band Alain had between Morrissey albums-The Motivators.Think they did a Live E.P -Live At The Spitz.
The line up featured Gary day and ex Moz/Damned drummer Spike T Smith
according to AlainT his 'Alain Whyte' fake french name is of Scottish origin.:crazy:
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