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How do you change a file extension to ".flv"?
Jim Rome said:
How do you change a file extension to ".flv"?

Assuming your using windows

My Documents>Tools>Folder Options>View

untick 'Hide extensions for known filetypes'

this now shows the extensions of your files for example your songs will now have .mp3 or .wma at the end.

Go to your file, replace its current extension with '.flv' and click ok. Your files extension is now .flv

To hide the extentions just repeat above, but this time ticking the box.


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Thanks for all your help, but how do you, replace the file's current extension with '.flv'?


er.. to me it's dead simple
when i save them i add the .flv extension to the file, simply
anyway if ever you get your files on your HD, just rename with extension, works for me & plays with VLC


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these flv files play fine in the vlc media player ...
no need for a new player ...
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