Morrissey Central "YOUR YOUTH MAY BE GONE, BUT …" (August 30, 2022)

Would anyone go to a Marr concert if he didn't play Smiths songs? Nope. Would Morrissey still sell out venues only playing solo material? Yep.
Thank you I didn't know, but Moz used that years ago... so I think there's some provocation in Johnnyf***ing Marr!!!!
Viva Las Vegas is the name of a very famous Elvis movie (and song) from the sixties. The phrase ‘Viva Las Vegas’ stems from that. It’s not a provocation. And Moz didn’t use it “years ago”. He began using it was it last year?
How’s Moz record deal goin’?

No one here knows. And to see that he hasn’t made an announcement that he does have a record deal, only leaves those here to speculate if it’s goin’ good or bad.
It appears Central have now removed this post.
The YouTube video in the OP remains active.

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