Your top 10 Morrissey solo songs of all time

Haha, my thoughts also.
Haha… Tony the Pony, Journalists who lie, The Girl from Tel Aviv (one of the worst ever Moz songs), Don’t make fun of daddy’s voice… And both lists completely bereft of any true classics.
1. something is squeezing my skull
2. hairdresser on fire
3. dont make fun of daddys voice
4. speedway
5. i like you
6. teachers are afraid of the pupils
7. the world is full of crashing bores
8. we hate it when our friends become successful
9. sing your life
10. the girl from tel aviv who wouldnt kneel

really hard to make a list like this but my top 3 will never change
1. Hold onto your friends
2. I’m Not Sorry
3. Sing your life
4. Our Frank
5. Spring-Heeled Jim
6. Journalists Who Lie
7. Tony the Pony
8. At Amber
9. Let Me Kiss You
10. Little Man, What Now?

These aren't in favourite order but as a group of my best.​

perfect (y)
1 Late Night Maudlin Street
2 Suedehead
3 Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself
4 November Spawned A Monster
5 Sister, I'm A Poet
6 Now My Heart Is Full
7 I'm Changing My Plea To Guilty
8 Dear God Please Help Me
9 Speedway
10 Michael's Bones
(in no particular order, though they probably are)
Say, that's a good idea. Here is my other top ten.

First of the Gang to Die
The Girl from Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn't Kneel
Irish Blood, English Heart
Life Is a Pigsty
National Front Disco (Beethoven Was Deaf)
Now My Heart Is Full (Introducing Morrissey)
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

Since it's in your top 10, have yourself an astute fluent exploration of the song One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell, although annoyingly, as far as I can tell, missing a date (old time shouldn't mean no time), so not sure if already shared -
1. I Have Forgiven Jesus
2. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
3. Southpaw
4. That's How People Grow up
5. Let Me Kiss You
6. You Have Killed Me
7. My Dearest Love
8. Suedehead
9. Boxers
10. Dear God Please Help Me
These lists can change by tea time but here goes (for now):

1. Billy Budd
2. Now My Heart Is Full
3. Alsatian Cousin
4. The Boy Racer
5. Lost
6. We'll Let You Know
7. Blue Dreamer's Eyes
8. Sister, I'm A Poet
9. Once I Saw The River Clean
10. Art Hounds

I'm not including songs off California Son (as they are cover versions) or Bonfire or Without Music (as we haven't heard the studio albums yet) but clearly some contenders there.
Everyday is
November spawned
Last of
Pregnant for
Sing your
Now my
Why don't
My Love Life
Come back

Hon Mens: Suedehead, The teachers
Hard to choose and it changes, but for now -
Alsatian Cousin
Glamorous Glue
National Front Disco
Last of the Famous International Playboys
Interesting Drug
Driving Your Girlfriend Home
The More You Ignore Me
Hairdresser on Fire
November Spawned a Monster
Now my Heart is Full
Nobody Loves Us
Last of the Famous International Playboys
Everyday is Like Sunday
Interesting Drug
Why Don’t You Find Out for Yourself
Hairdresser on Fire

In my 15+ years of following him and nearly 15 gigs I’ve only heard 2 of these songs live (Sunday / Speedway) which is nowhere near good enough.

He was playing NMHIF around 2015 but inexplicably dropped it from the setlist in Hull 😖
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Really hard to whittle it down to just 10 songs. Lovely to see Christian Dior showing up in quite a few top 10 lists - a great song that would definitely be in the 'nearly' list for me, along with songs like Nobody Loves Us, Southpaw, The Never Played Symphonies, Teenage Dad, Playboys, and Little Man What Now? There are some days where the big singles like Suedehead, Everyday, Irish Blood, and First of the Gang would be in the top 10 list for me, but I guess we all wanted to avoid including the 'obvious' ones? Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together is also a track that is up there as one of my favourite songs of all time. What a song.
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Off the top of my head:
Blue Dreamers
Such a Little Thing
Will Never Marry
Find Out

But there are up to 60-70 songs that could make the top-10 on any other day.
Such a Little Thing
Will Never Marry
Find Out

But there are up to 60-70 songs that could make the top-10 on any other day.
Will Never Marry is also up there on my best of list. In fact, Everyday and all the extra tracks on that release has got to be one of the best, if not the best, of Morrissey's career. Great cover too. I remember buying it like it was yesterday. May 1988 - almost 36 years ago. Where have the years gone?

I compared with my top 10 from back when this thread had just started, and my two lists are very similar. The old list had I’d Love To, Camden and Jack the Ripper live 2004. This one has Ouija, Boxers and Blue Dreamers. The other seven are the same.
1. King Leer
2. Piccadilly Palare
3. He Knows I'd Love to see Him
4. Disappointed
5. Oh Phoney
6. The Loop
7. Sister I'm a Poet
8. Bengali in Platforms
9. Break up the Family
10. Late Night, Maudlin Street


There are so many more that belong on this list. So I'll do 3 honorable mentions because, "why not?"
1. Alsatian Cousin
2. Little Man, What Now?
3. My Love Life
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