Your Top 10 Albums Of 2006

Discussion in 'Other Music archive (read-only)' started by deathfornoreason, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. the more you explore me!

    the more you explore me! retired :)

    Sep 10, 2006
    montague terrace (in blue)
    i haven't bought many... i believe i have too much anyway!

    but we have ringleaders.
    it also wouldn't be me if it didn't have Belle & Sebastain: the life pursuit.
    or The Killers:Sams town.
    ear & eye candy- the pipettes: we are the pipettes.
    gone but not forgatten- special needs: funfairs & heart break.

    stevie wonder: talking book.
    a johnny cash collection.

    rediscovering as i bought it a long time ago... scott walker: Scott 4... sorry Mr Engel i ignored it for so long, i am a fool please forgive me.
  2. Maurice E

    Maurice E Junior Member

    Aug 17, 2006
    Hi Johann,
    Interesting to see you include the Lloyd Cole album. I like loads of his 80's stuff but find the solo albums quiet patchy. I've only heard woman in a Bar off the new one which I must admit I thought was pretty good. Are the other songs up to that standard or is that the standout song?

    As for my list; well I've only bought about 8 albums and only really like a handful of those so here's my top 5:

    1. The Concretes: In Colour
    2. We are the Pipettes: The Pipettes
    3. Ringleader of the tomatoes: Morrissey
    4. Fur coat: Jenny Lewis
    5. Under the Atlantic: Keane
  3. matto

    matto Member Subscriber

    Apr 25, 2006
    Home Page:
    joanna newsom... ys
    lloyd cole... anti depressant
    frank black... christmass
    clap your hands... say yeah
    beirut... gular orkestrar
    durutti column... keep breathin
    tom waits... orphans
    sonic youth... rather ripped
    mommy... ringleader o the tormentors
  4. M-in-Oz

    M-in-Oz Active Member

    Jun 21, 2006
    the only albums I bought this year...

    Ringleader of the Tormentors:Moz
    Show Your Bones: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Belle & Sebastian: Life Pursuit
    Sleepy Jackson: Personality...
    New York Dolls: (can't remember its title)
    A Piano: Tori Amos
  5. Poco Innocente

    Poco Innocente A ring a ding ding

    Jul 19, 2006
    Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
    The Kooks – Inside In/Inside Out
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Show Your Bones
    Dirty Pretty Things - Waterloo to Anywhere
    Cat Power – The Greatest
    The Strokes – First Impressions Of Earth
    Badly Drawn Boy – Born In The Uk
    Grandadbob - Garden of Happiness

    Moz...ROTT doesn't get in my top ten even though I can't think of ten! so nerrrr :p
  6. dazzak

    dazzak New Member

    Apr 25, 2006
    Top 10 Albums

    1. Pet Shop Boys Fundamental
    2. Jarvis Cocker Jarvis
    3. Scissor Sisters Ta-Dah
    4. Morrissey Ringleader Of The Tormentors
    5. Prince 3121
    6. Outkast Idlewild
    7. Bob Dylan Modern Times
    8. Sparks Hello Young Lovers
    9. Delays You See Colours
    10. The Gossip Standing In The Way Of Control

    Top 20 Singles

    1. Scissor Sisters I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
    2. X-Press 2 Ft. Kurt Wagner Give It
    3. McAlmont & Butler Speed
    4. Pet Shop Boys Minimal
    5. Girls Aloud Something Kinda Ooooh
    6. The Good, The Bad And The Queen Herculean
    7. Jarvis Cocker Running The World
    8. The Hidden Cameras Awoo
    9. Delays Valentine
    10. The Gossip Standing In The Way Of Control
    11. Gnarls Barkley Crazy
    12. Primal Scream Dolls (Sweet Rock 'N' Roll)
    13. Morrissey The Youngest Was The Most Loved
    14. Amy Winehouse Rehab
    15. Nicky Wire Break My Heart Slowly
    16. Hot Chip Over And Over
    17. Outkast Idlewild Blues
    18. Infadels Can't Get Enough
    19. Madonna Sorry
    20. Moby Ft. Debbie Harry New York, New York
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  7. Danny

    Danny Senior Member

    Apr 25, 2006
    Cat Power
    The Pipettes
    Johnny Cash
    Arctic Monkeys
    Hot Chip
    Long Blondes

    are the new ones I've really enjoyed.
  8. Slightly_Afraid

    Slightly_Afraid Superhero In Training

    Jun 29, 2006
    Home Page:
    1. Ringleader of the Tormentors (obviously!)
    2. We Are The Pipettes - The Pipettes
    3. The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
    4. At War With The Mystics - The Flaming Lips
    5. Sam's Town - The Killers
    6. Black Holes and Revelations - Muse

    ....and that's all I've actually liked this year. Depressing :(
  9. bikubesong

    bikubesong sober and in celibacy

    May 21, 2006
    ????:eek: :confused: :eek:
  10. Johan de Witt

    Johan de Witt Senior Member

    May 3, 2006
    The Netherlands
    Home Page:
    I think it is his best, and most consistent, solo album since 1994's Love Story, which was also really good. Woman In A Bar is indeed one of the highlights, as are NYC Sunshine, How Wrong Can You Be?, The Young Idealists and Rolodex Incident.

    But really, apart from one song, I think they are all really strong.
  11. dazzak

    dazzak New Member

    Apr 25, 2006
    What? It's a phenomenal song. Probably the best up-tempo one of the year.
  12. Kuiper

    Kuiper Better than Marr

    May 17, 2006
    I don't listen to enough new music to come up with a top ten for 2006, but I can for the past 5 years (2002-2006), I know, that's a bit long of a time period, but I spend too much time listening to Morrissey to focus on inferior stuff.

    1: Morrissey - Ringleader of the Tormentors
    2: My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
    3: Weezer - Make Believe
    4: Green Day - American Idiot
    5: My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
    6: Morrissey - You Are the Quarry
    7: Weezer - Maladroit
    8: Fall Out Boy - From Under the Cork Tree
    9: Duran Duran - Astronaut
    10 is a real wild card because no other album strikes me as being of consistent enough quality to be on the list, and any attempt at picking one just suggests too many candidates.
  13. ~El Boydelz~

    ~El Boydelz~ Also a client

    Apr 26, 2006
    South Korea via Canada
    Re: Your Top 11 Albums Of 2006

    Jack Oblivian & The Tennesse Tearjerkers - The Flipside Kid
    Mozzy and Thee Lads - Ringleader
    Reigning Sound - Live at Goner Records
    King Khan & BBQ Show - What's For Dinner
    The Konks - The Konks
    South Filthy - Crackin' Up
    Bob Dylan - Modern Times
    Lee Hazlewood - Cake Or Death
    Andre Williams - Aphrodisiac
    Curt Kirkwood-Snow
    DM Bob & Country Jem - Bum Steer

    Best Reissue
    Boz & The Boz Men - Dress In Dead Men's Suits
  14. Maurice E

    Maurice E Junior Member

    Aug 17, 2006
    Thanks for that. If it has a few songs which are as good as Woman In A Bar I think I'll risk it! Lloyd still has a great way with words doesn't he?
    BTW (and excuse the extreme pedantic...ness) but I think Love Story was 1995!
  15. papa jack

    papa jack reach out to the kids

    Dec 10, 2006
    Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit
    Tapes n Tapes - The Loon
    Archie Bronson Outfit - Derdang Derdang
    Lloyd Cole - Antidepressant
    Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy - The Brave And The Bold
    Television Personalities - My Dark Places
    Seth Lakeman - Freedom Feels
    Morrissey - Ringleader...
    Joan As Policewoman - Real Life
    Jane Birkin - Fictions
    Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Ballad Of The Broken Seas
    Infadels - We Are Not The Infadels
    Graham Coxon - Love Travels
    The Dears - Gang Of Losers

    I can't count

    [email protected] Sugar Booger

    Jul 3, 2006
    In No Order:
    Richard Ashcroft - Keys to the World
    Angels & Airwaves - We Dont Need to Whisper
    Babyshambles - Down in Albion
    John Frusciante - Shadows Collide With People
    John Frusciante - The Will to Death
    Dirty Pretty Things - Waterloo to Anywhere
    The Rosewood Thieves - From The Decker House
    Morrissey - ROTT
    RHCP - Stadium Arcadium
    The Charlatan UK - Simpatico
  17. Emotional Guide Dog

    Emotional Guide Dog Chairman Of The Bored

    May 7, 2006
    Manchester (for now)
    Home Page:
    1, Belle & Sebastian: The Life Pursuit
    2, The Pippettes: We Are The Pippettes
    3, Futureheads: News And Tributes
    4, Guillemots: Through The Windonwpane
    5, Arctic Monkeys: It's got a very long title
    6, Morrissey: ROTT
    7, Ordinary Boys: How To Get Everything You Ever Wanted
    8, Ooberman: Carried Away
    9, Graham Coxon: Love Travels At Illegal Speeds
    10, Editors: The Back Room (would be higher but I'm demoting it cos I think it came out last year)

    Singles of the year (in no particular order)
    Guillemots: We're Here, Futureheads: Skip To The End, Liam Frost: The City Is At A Standstill, James Morrisson: Wonderful World,
    Actually I love too many singles from this year to list them.

    The best album of 2007 will be I Am Kloot by the way... mark my words.
  18. Emotional Guide Dog

    Emotional Guide Dog Chairman Of The Bored

    May 7, 2006
    Manchester (for now)
    Home Page:
    I think Gorillaz Demon Days is the best album from that whole time period. With Blur's Think Tank following close behind.
  19. Oh my god. it's Robby!

    Oh my god. it's Robby! spontaneously luminescent

    Apr 26, 2006
    the PRC
    10 is alot for a year

    Begin To Hope~Regina Spektor
    the best by far

    Fundamental~Pet Shop Boys
    Rather Ripped~Sonic Youth
    Show Your Bones~Yeah Yeah Yeah's
    Desperately Yours~Hype
    ExHuman~Die Form
    Röyksopp's Night Out~Röyksopp
    Goes Petshopping~West End Girls
    Devo 2.0~Devo 2.0
    and mozzy babie

    i guess
  20. Midnight

    Midnight A Hostage To Kindness

    May 6, 2006
    I can't think of five let alone ten albums. 2006 was a dreadful year for music. The only albums I can think of that I was truly impressed by were Nux Vomica by The Veils, and First Impressions of Earth by The Strokes (it counts since it was released here on January 2nd... or maybe it was the 3rd, but either way).

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