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worships Johnny Thunders
Pretty much every east coast USA show, and got to suck him off after his appearance at the Misfits Halloween show a few years back.

Viva Mozza

You're the one for me
Duesseldorf 2006
Cologne 2009
Lokeren 2011


My secret's my enzyme.
Hard to do without PJLM...

Forum Los Angeles 1991
Pacific Ampitheater Irvine 1991 and then another one the following year I think
Some theater in San Diego that had Stars in the title in 1991 and maybe again in 92.
Then Pacific Ampitheater Irvine again around the same era.

Then a big gap.

Then a Pre-Oye Estaban Tour warm up show in Santa Barbara. Best night of my life because he sort of indicated maybe he wasn't gay...which got me dreaming again.

Then another big gap.

Then EVERY show in greater Los Angeles from 2006 on, with the exception of a few of the "Close the Palladium 10 night stay" because I was tired, but I caught at least 4 of those.

And a show in Stockton, Escondido, Albuquerque, NM.

I think that's it. Last one was Pomona. I plan to go to SD Birthday show this leg but that's it.
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Not that many.

Tinley Park 92, Chicago Theater 1999 (2000?)...Aragon 2004, Aragon 2006.

Skipped every other show here since then.


I also can't list them all accurately without Passions Just Like Mine either but something like this:

1991 - Pacific Amphitheater Costa Mesa, CA
Forum - LA, CA
Pauley Pavillion - LA, CA
Starlight Bowl - San Diego

1992 - Hollywood Bowl - LA, CA
The Tonight Show
Del Mar Fairgrounds (O'Brien Pavillion I think) - Del Mar, CA

1997 - Greek Theater - LA, CA
La Luna - Portland, OR
Bridges Auditorium - Claremont, CA
Bren Events Center - Irvine, CA
Hospitality Point - San Diego, CA

Between 1999 and 2002:

First Coachella - 1999?
Ventura Theater - 1999 I think
Some old movie theater in Santa Barbara (Arlington Theater?) - 1999 I think
Some place in NY - Roseland Ballroom I think
Bren Events in Irvine, CA again
House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV
Hollywood Palladium twice

2004 and After:

Hollywood Palladium twice again
Pasadena Civic Auditorium
Music Box/Henry Fonda - 2011
Wiltern - 2004
Hollywood Bowl - the one that was supposed to be on the DVD

Maybe 1 or 2 more that I can't come up with off the top of my head.

cornelius blaze

Boychild mustn't tremble!
wembley 1991
hammersmith odeon 1991
kilburn national 1991
alexandra palace 1992
Brixton 1995
royal albert hall 2002
alexandra palace 2006
wembley 2006
hyde park 2008

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My secret's my enzyme.

Harsh Truth

Ever Felt Had?
Not including cancelled shows.....

1991 Mansfield, MA
1992 Waltham, MA
1997 Boston, MA, Providence, RI, Lowell, MA
1999 Santa Barbara, CA, Las Vegas, NV (2)
2000 Boston, MA (2) Portland, ME
2002 Las Vegas, NV (2)
2004 Los Angeles, CA (3), New York, NY, Boston, MA (2), Universal City, CA, Las Vegas, NV
2006 Amsterdam, Netherlands
2007 Pasadena, CA (3), Columbus, OH, Boston, MA (3) Atlantic City, NJ, New York, NY (2)
2008 London, England
2009 Myrtle Beach, SC, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Universal City, CA, Ventura, CA
2011 Dunoon, Scotland, Dunfermline, Scotland, Chicago, IL


2012 Bakersfield, CA, Stockton, CA


New Orleans, LA
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