Your Morrissey album Top 11


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1. Vauxhall and I
2. World Peace is None of Your Business
3. You Are the Quarry
4.Viva Hate
5. Your Arsenal
6. Ringleader of the Tormentors
7. Kill Uncle
8. Years of Refusal
9. Low in High School
10. Southpaw Grammar
11. Maladjusted


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1. Vauxhall and I
2. You Are the Quarry
3. Low In High School
4. World Peace is None of Your Business
5. Your Arsenal
6. Southpaw Grammar
7. Years of Refusal
8. Maladjusted
9. Viva Hate
10.Ringleader Of The Tormentors
11. Kill Uncle


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That said, I truly can't rank the albums.

Viva... was special to me because the horror I felt seeing The Smiths break.
The critical response to Vauxhall renewed my love of the music - it made me glad to be a 'fan' and that body of work is still something I'd never turn off if I heard it.
Maladjusted, too, has me returning to it - for reasons not befitting a web forum.
Quarry - with its build-up, marketing (being a huge fan of the Attack products/iconography) and coming back from the 'wilderness' remains a high point too (that 'wilderness' seemed like forever).


FWD you and I have a lot in common. You have just named my top four Morrissey albums. I came to The Smiths after hearing The Queen is Dead, but it was Strangeways that was my personal introduction to the band.

Viva Hate was where I found myself and my ever abiding love for Morrissey and his music. I couldn't describe it as a "horror" because it took me a few more years to travel back to see what was lost.

Vauxhall was again another example of how he could continue to capture my heart, but more to the point draw me closer to him. The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get is a masterpiece of combining the pop sound his band(s) had cultivated over the years with his amazing ability to connect on such a deep and cynical level that reinforced my connection to him.

Maladjusted has been put to task here so often that I find myself feeling quite the outsider loving it so much. So many of the songs speak to me so strongly that I somehow feel lucky that others overlook it as one of his greatest albums. Roy's Keen and Papa Jack aside (not to me). If it had ended there, I would have been happy, and it appeared as though it would.

And then there was Quarry. I saw the Irish Blood, English Heart video and everything came rushing back. Here he was again. Just as I remembered. Dashing in his white jacket and singing a song that held me in the palm of his hand. He has quite the ability to do so you know. ;)

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1. Your Arsenal - gorgeous sleeve, excellent voice and music, the best group of musicians he's ever had
2. Kill Uncle - a rare treasure, unlike any other albums he's done before or after
3. Vauxhall and I - a magnificent album that deserves a lot better sleeve
4. Viva Hate - great sleeve, strong album with just one song I don't like (I don't mind if you forget me)
5. Low in High School - the sleeve is just wrong, but the lyrics and music are powerful and solid. Two songs I skip is Israel and the Girl from Tel Aviv. Favourite: Who will protect us from the police.
The rest of the albums are equally balanced with a mixture of hits and misses.
Should an album get a high ranking for consistency? In which case Quarry should come top because it’s the only one with no tracks that I dislike. I prefer the football divisions approach:

1st division

Your Arsenal
Viva Hate
Years of Refusal

2nd division

Low in High School

3rd div


Beazer Homes League

Kill Uncle


jammy Stressford poet
vauxhall and I
southpaw grammar
your arsenal
viva hate
years of refusal
ringleader of the tormentors
you are the quarry
low in highschool
kill uncle
world peace


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Morrissey actually died in 1997 so can't rate any of his millennium albums. (Although Ringleader is ok imo) There is an imposter calling himself Morrissey.
I half think he should have retired after Vauxhall And I which said it all so succinctly, sweetly and put a tinhat on everything. Its been ever decreasing returns since then. Low In High school is just unlistenable after the first 5 tracks....

Interestingly Morrissey's decline in recorded output has been at the same time as the rise of the digital age... I guess he just wasn't made for these times.

I like some of the modern tracks but his albums have more and more real dull songs on them. This probably stems from the songwriting process which is just ridiculous.


With the last album having sunk in well enough with most of us I presume, it's time for the old game.
Rank all of Morrissey's 11 studio albums, no Bona Drag allowed!!
Here's mine.

1. Vauxhall and I
2. Viva Hate
3. You Are the Quarry
4. Your Arsenal
5. Low in High School
6. Southpaw Grammar
7. World Peace is None of Your Business
8. Maladjusted
9. Kill Uncle
10. Ringleader of the Tormentors
11. Years of Refusal
1. Bona Drag
2. Bona Drag
3. Bona Drag
4. Bona Drag
5. Bona Drag
6. Bona Drag
7. Bona Drag
8. Bona Drag
9. Bona Drag
10. Bona Drag
11. Bona Drag!!!


Best album of all time, I agree!!
1. Viva Hate
2. Vauxhall & I
3. Maladjusted
4. Southpaw Grammar
5. Low in High School
6. Ringleader Of The Tormentors
7. Your Arsenal
8. Years Of Refusal
9. World Peace Is None Of Your Business
10. You Are The Quarry
11. Kill Uncle


1. Your Arsenal
2. Viva Hate (old version)
3. Vauxhall
4. Quarry
5. Years
6. World Peace (deluxe)
7.Low In
8. Kill Uncle
9. Ringleader
11. Malajusted


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1. Boning Aunt Nancy
2. Viva Malibu
3. High in Hollywood High
4. UK Refusal
5. Ringleader of the Surfer Dudes
6. Lucha Libre Grammar
7. Where I live in LA is None of Your Business
8. Very Well Adjusted to the California Lifestyle
9. Your Orange Mocha Frappucinonal
10. Lil' Sammy and I
11. Steve's unreleased Chili Peppers covers
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1. Boning Aunt Nancy
2. Viva Malibu
3. High in Hollywood High
4. UK Refusal
5. Ringleader of the Surfer Dudes
6. Lucha Libre Grammar
7. Where I live in LA is None of Your Business
8. Very Well Adjusted to the California Lifestyle
9. Your Orange Mocha Frappucinonal
10. Lil' Sammy and I
11. Steve's unreleased Chili Peppers covers
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1. Vauxhall & I
2. You Are The Quarry
3. Viva Hate
4. Your Arsenal
5. Maladjusted
6. World Peace
7. Years Of Refusal
8. Low In High School
9. Ringleader Of Tormentors
10. Southpaw Grammar
11. Kill Uncle


rip roaring,free scoring,never boring, celtic.
poor maladjusted, comes in the lowly section in most peace still very high on some peoples lists,listened to it the other day and still sounded great.think albums depend what sort of mood you are in.

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1. Vauxhall & I
2. Years of Refusal
3. Your Arsenal
4. Maladjusted
5. You Are The Quarry
6. Southpaw Grammar
7. Viva Hate
8. World Peace is None of Your Business
9. Ringleader of the Tormentors
10. Kill Uncle
11. Low in High School


I think Bona Drag should be included as an album. We all know it is. It was to meant to be his second solo album since the beginning, and although some poblems came, those songs were there to form his second album since the beginning. Cut out Suedehead and Everyday is like sunday, and there you have it: his second album.
Swords is different: it was born and meant as a compilation of b sides.

For me Bona Drag will always be his second album.

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1. Vauxhall and I
2. Your Arsenal
3. Years of Refusal
4. Low in High School
5. Viva Hate
6. Ringleader of the Tormentors
7. Southpaw Grammar
8. World Peace
9. You are the Quarry
10. Malajusted
11. Kill Uncle


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1. Vauxhall and I - Stunning. An absolute masterpiece.
2. Viva Hate - Some wonderful tracks, especially the first half. But even the flaws have their charms, considering his vulnerabilities at the time.
3. You are the Quarry - Great album, with a few flaws in hindsight. But I've a special affection for it given that this was the period I discovered him.
4. Your Arsenal - Solid album. There isn't a bad song on it.
5. World Peace is None of Your Business - I don't get the hate for this album. Sure, there's a few clunkers, but overall there's some fantastic tunes here. Staircase is the best song he's produced in years.
6. Ringleader of the Tormentors - A great first half, let down by a mostly forgettable second half.
7. Southpaw Grammar - Good album. But definitely his weirdest.
8. Years of Refusal - I never really warmed to this album as a whole. I always skipped through it. But when it's good, it's really good.
9. Kill Uncle - It has its charms. I feel the production lets it down though.
10. Maladjusted - Not necessarily a bad album, but a weak one. There's only about 3 or 4 songs here worth listening to.
11. Low in High School - Maybe on reflection, I'll consider this harsh - 1 or 2 songs are better than anything on some of the albums above, and there's small flashes of brilliance. But overall, as an album, I find it humourless, cold, and uninteresting. It all goes wrong after I Bury the Living.
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