Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

Re: I bought some vinyl!

Re: I bought some vinyl!

I got two mint records;

Hatful Of Hollow
180 gram
(One of my favorites)

The Smiths
180 gram

I got The Smiths for 25USD, and Hatful for only 25USD!

Sadly that’s about what they retail for. Because I had them on CD for years I was super late to the vinyl revival so I missed out on getting stuff like that for a good price. I have older pressings of “Meat Is Murder”, “Strangeways...” and “Hatful...” that I got for $20 or under each. My copies of TWID and Self Titled are represses and I think they’re too expensive.
They look just great !!

Cheers Moz
It just happened to be the right size, it was used as packaging for a 7" I bought, seller mustn't have had any cardboard sleeves. I bought the pockets for £3 for 10, really good quality :)

Thanks, I'll be on the lookout for something similar! I have my 45s stored in boxes made for that purpose, but they don't fit nicely on shelves and are difficult to look through. I love this solution.
hmm..that's a really interesting idea..where did you find the binders?

I just stumbled on the binder, its roughly A5 size, you can get the pockets here I got 10 to try, thinking they would be flimsy & sag but they're very rigid, PVC glass. And I might get this binder from the same site
the smiths vinyl
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