Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

10260006_243858492466417_5125640657074385118_n.jpgIt's a Your Arsenal Brazilian remaster... it was released last week in a DVD jewelcase instead of digpack worldwide release.
I didn't buy it yet 'cause I jave just got mine from Argentina. I'm posting it just to share with you guys this release. When I buy mine I'll post it open.

Returning to the joys of vinyl. How was I swayed by the shiny shiny cds in the 90s?
I guess it is the backside of "Wauxhall And I" 2014 reissue
I know it is not the EU LP. Maybe it's the CD version in mini LP cover?

It's the inner sleeve for the Vauxhall re-issue, sorry.

I acquired my 'Vauxhall and I' LPs and CDs yesterday afternoon. So the 'previously unused' photographs have been used, not on a Morrissey record admittedly, but by 'Time Out' magazine in June 2004 {that's 10 years after the release of 'Vauxhall and I'} to accompany the Morrissey/Jake Arnott interview that coincided with Morrissey's Meltdown festival. All the work of photographer Frank Bauer.

The original 'Jake back rub 1oz pendant' rear sleeve has been replaced with~


~ with the tracklisting positioned in the dark space beneath the bridge, along with 'Produced by Steve Lillywhite. Recorded in England, Summer 1993.'

{Shot at the English Martyrs Club, Chamber Street, Whitechapel, Saint Patrick's Day 2004.}

The gatefold centrefold is this reclining stud ~


{Shot at the disused Aldwych tube station, Saint Patrick's Day 2004.}

The inner picture bag features this image on one side ~


~ and a close up of the English Martyrs Club street sign on the other side.

{Shot at the disused Aldwych tube station, Saint Patrick's Day 2004.}
Hey IR,

How goes the World with you?

Does your 'Vauxhall' vinyl have a matrix message?

~ jf
The last things I bought were some tapes late last year/early this year. The Morrissey tapes came from a local thrift store. The Smiths tapes were in an ebay lot:

The bottom one is a bootleg compilation of live material titled simply "Smiths". Neat to have, even if it's just a very cheap bootleg. I can't comment on the sound quality since I haven't listened to it. :o
the smiths vinyl
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