Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy


One more from Japan with "Sample Not For Sale" in the middle of the cd


My first two "BMG Direct Marketing" versions


and this lovely promo cd


Now I'm poor but happy


Oh well...enough said
And these ones....(thanks to Matti again)

Moz Tour Programmes.jpg

Cheers Moz


Oh well...enough said
Just got the Book and the Live DVD
Cheers Moz


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I was lucky enough to meet M in Gothenburg last month, and even luckier for him to sign my Meat Is Murder T shirt. I know it's not a paid for but I thought i'd share a picture with you lot as I'm very proud indeed.

hand in glove

40 percent papier mache
Is the JD collection just a double of the DVD box released a few years ago?
I don't know what you mean by "Just a double of the DVD box", but it should include:

Three new(er) Documentaries:
James Dean: Sense Memories
James Dean: Forever Young
George Stevens: A Filmmaker’s Journey

There should also be old documentaries:
James Dean Remembered
Forever James Dean

Also, there should be features (behind the scenes?) of all three films. Such as screen tests, wardrobe tests, etc. Deleted scenes (though I'm not sure if it's something we've already seen or not), Theatrical trailers...And, all three films re-mastered. I'm jealous! I haven't bought mine yet!

I believe there are seven DVD's in the box, by the way. Hope this helped...


Oh well...enough said
Maladjusted Reissue Promo Cd for £ 10 .
Very pleased.....
Cheers Moz
the smiths vinyl
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