Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

Yesterday I bought Morrissey's Everyday is like sunday 2010 remaster 7'' and Playboys 2013 remaster CD...
I'm still waiting for my pic disc..

I've not bought anything for ages... but on Saturday I had a booze and ebay interaction which caused me to believe I absolutely needed this...
November Spawned a Test PRess.JPG
My collection of Morrissey test pressings now stands at an impressive two :)

I just got a Southpaw Grammar original from 1995. It's a Brazilian edition in perfect condiction - although the jewl case was changed by previous owner.
A couple of CDs from Japan with Obi and insert

"Live At Earls Court" is a promo version. It has written "LOANED SAMPLE" in the middle of the CD and has sticker over the barcode

the smiths vinyl
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